Kazakhstan’s quiet balancing act

07.09 2015

www.opendemocracy.net With a ‘president for life’, poor human rights record and hydrocarbon-dependent economy, Kazakstan often appears a mirror image of its northern neighbour, Russia. Scratch beneath...

The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) chooses the greater of evils

17.08 2015

www What considerations were behind the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan’s pledging allegiance to the Islamic State? How did the death of the Taliban leader Mullah Omar affect the IMU? Does IMU still as...

SCO’s next big challenge: Keeping the peace in Asia

27.07 2015

www.asia.rbth.com The Shanghai Six are expanding from a powerful regional organisation into a serious player in a region that is important for global security. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (S...

Afghanistan: The real vs. imaginary threats to Central Asia and Russia

24.07 2015

www.russia-direct.org With Islamic State purportedly increasing its activity within Afghanistan, Russia Direct interviewed experts to find out the new challenges for Russia and Central Asia emanating ...

Central Asians Concerned About India, Pakistan Joining SCO

20.07 2015

www.eurasianet.org Central Asian states are eyeing with concern the planned expansion of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to include India and Pakistan, regional analysts say. With the addition o...

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