The book about Tokhtar Aubakirov – «The first Kazakh cosmonaut»

The glorification astronaut Tokhtar Aubakirov – 70 years. On the life of a national hero, his formation and the first flight into space in an essay tells the journalist Talgat Suyunbai. The book begins with the words of the philosopher Abu Nasir al-Farabi that home to a person will always be space.


Winner of the highest ranks, including the title of “Halyk Kaharmany” Hero of the Soviet Union, Tokhtar Aubakirov born July 27, 1946 in Karkaralinsk district of Karaganda region. He was a childhood dream to become a pilot. Career as a future astronaut began turner at Temirtau casting-mechanical plant. In 1969 he graduated from the Armavir Higher Military Aviation School of Air Defense pilots. From that moment began his glorious way to space.

October 2, 1991 Tokhtar Aubakirov opened space page of sovereign Kazakhstan, flew on board the “Soyuz TM-13″ as a cosmonaut-researcher of the Soviet-Austrian crew. About what work preceded this day, the feelings experienced before the start of the Kazakh cosmonaut, the crew and, of course, space – a rich illustrative material documented biographical essay. By the way, Tokhtar Aubakirov became virtually a co-author and editor of the book. Because of this, the author managed to fill Talgat Suyunbaev edition unique facts.


Tokhtar Aubakirov – the third in the list of the best test pilots of military aircraft. He was the first Soviet test pilots raised supersonic fighter aircraft from the deck of the aircraft carrier, reducing takeoff distance six times – during which his name is entered in the Guinness Book of Records.

The book was published in 2004 with a circulation of 10 thousand copies, one of which is now kept at the Library of Leader of the Nation and is available to all visitors.


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