About The Library Of The First President Of Republic Of Kazakhstan – The Leader Of The Nation

“The Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Leader of the Nation” was established in March 13, 2014, in accordance with Presidential Decree N.A. Nazarbayev, in order to ensure operation of personal library and personal archive of President, to study history and development of Kazakhstan, as well as promoting the ideas and initiatives of President at home and abroad.

The feature of the First President’s Library – it is the Center of the sitting head of state. In the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Leader of the Nation collected more than 20,000 books and 700 exhibits from the personal collection of N.A. Nazarbayev: gifts of Heads of States, products of art and historical curiosities, acquired at the expense of the President himself. Library Foundation is regularly updating with new books, valuable exhibits and unique archival materials.

The personal library also have creative cabinet – information-rich, high-tech work environment for the Head of State.

The Library – is not only a modern electronically archive infrastructure, but also a unique information resource, component of the national cultural and historical heritage. The official website www.presidentlibrary.kz provides access to electronic Leader of the Nation Library. Through an electronic database, visitors are able to get access to the sources of the World Digital Library and the Global Library of electronic journals. Among them, Library of Congress, Library of Oxford and Cambridge Universities, Russian State Library etc.

Coherent and systematic exposition and exhibition activity of Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Leader of the Nation, aims to thematic coverage of creative ideas and initiatives of N.A. Nazarbayev. Expositions, allowing visitor become more acquainted with the variety of conceptual designs of the Head of State, the successes and achievements of independent Kazakhstan, are presented with content of interactive facilities, interactive gallery, unique shots from the chronicles of the country.

Among the expositions, “Mobile Leader of the Nation Library” holds special place, which contains books of the Head of State. The project is unique in content and originality. No world leader has such Mobile Library. Mobile Library makes the books of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan more accessible, allowing free purchase them through Internet applications: AppStore, Googleplay, Microsoft, etc.

Through organization of thematic exhibitions, discussion groups, organizing information and methodological seminars for students and teachers, library offers a set of educational projects.

The Leader of the Nation Library serves an authoritative venue for international events and forums to discuss the achievements and prospects of development of Kazakhstan, the analysis of global problems associated with global initiatives of the President. Library actively cooperates with related organizations abroad, to learn and adopt best practices of preserving and promote the heritage of the great political leaders for the benefit of national development.

Acting Director of “Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Leader of the Nation” is the Head of the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kasymbekov Mahmoud Bazarkulovich.

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