• Library work office


    • management of the personal Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Leader of the Nation;
    • creation of a modern information infrastructure that provides the fastest and effective access to the Kazakhstan and world information resources;
    • preserve and provide access to the national cultural heritage related to the theory, history and practice of Kazakh statehood.

    Head of office – Sandugash Khamitovna ABSADIROVA

    Tel.: 8 (7172) 693030

  • Cultural and educational work service


    • scientific and educational programs sector;
    • exposition and exhibition work sector.

     Head of Service - Erden Almabekuly ORDABEK

     Tel.: 8 (7172) 693060


    Scientific and educational programs sector functions:

    • the organization of a dialogue platform, cultural, educational, scientific and educational programs for different groups of the society on issues of Kazakhstan’s statehood in the context of the Kazakhstani path;
    • the development of educational programs and projects, which are based on the story of personal success, ideas, values ​​and political philosophy of the Leader of the Nation N.A. Nazarbayev;
    • an explanation and promotion of global ideas and initiatives of the First President of Kazakhstan – Leader of the Nation;
    • organization of events to educate the younger generation in the spirit of the Kazakhstani patriotism, national-wide identity and unity of the people;
    • cooperate with government agencies, foreign represantatives, scientific and educational institutions, creative unions, youth organizations and other civil society institutions in the framework of its competence.

    Head of sector – Kunslu Serikovna ISSINOVA

    Contacts: 8 (7172) 693061


    Exposition and exhibition work sector functions:

    • storing the exposure fund as part of the national cultural heritage (the creation of conditions to ensure the complete safety of the exhibits, to guarantee their protection from destruction, damage, theft);
    • participation in the formation and implementation of state policy in the field of educational and humanitarian activities, including through the development of scientific and educational programs focusing on flexibility needs and interests of visitors from different social and age groups;
    • organization and conducting general and thematic excursions;
    • scientific and research work on gathering materials for the exhibition.

    Head of sector – Aiymkul Kazbekkyzy ZHANKULIYEVA

    Tel.: 8 (7172) 693042


  • Public relations work office


    • development and maintenance of information policy of SI “Library of the First President of Kazakhstan – Leader of the Nation”;
    • timely information to the public and media about activities of SI “Library of the First President of Kazakhstan – Leader of the Nation”;
    • maintaining the image and formation of positive public opinion about the activities of SI “Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Leader of the Nation;
    • implementation of information support activities of SI “Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Leader of the Nation”.

    Head of office – Oxana Pavlovna LOSKUTOVA

    Tel.: 8 (7172) 693050


    Public relations work office structure:

    • Media sector
    • Protocol sector

    Media sector functions:

    • development, organization and management of information policy of the Library;
    • infomational coverage of the Library;
    • forming an effective relationship with the media;
    • prime the public and media with reliable information on the activities of the Library;
    • information support of the Library website.

    Head of sector - Gulmira Negmatova KENZHEBALINA

    Tel.: 8 (7172) 693054


    Protocol sector functions:

    • protocol and organizational support of Library activities;
    • cooperation and coordination of Library relations with state authorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, other institutions and civil society organizations in the country and abroad;
    • accreditation of participants of Library events and media representatives;
    • development of programs, preparation and conduct of domestic and international events with participation of the chief staff of Library.

    Head of sector – Kuralai Shaidenovna SHAIKENOVA

    Tel.: 8 (7172) 693051


  • Administration Service


    • organization and technical support of management of SI “Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Leader of the Nation”;
    • ensring legality in activities of SI “Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Leader of the Nation”;
    • HR policy formation of SI “Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Leader of the Nation”;
    • Organization of publication work;

    Head of office – Akaru Oralovna MUKIYAYEVA

    Tel.: 8 (7172) 693080


  • Financial and economic office


    • preparation of financial, statistical, tax reporting, financial transactions, safeguarding of cash and valuables;
    • participation in development of projects, related with financial and economic activity, wages, taxation, public procurement, management of state property;
    • holding public procurement procedures in compliance with applicable laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

    Head of office – Anel Zhanatovna SHYNYBEKOVA

    Tel.: 8 (7172) 693070


    Geopolitics and regional research office


    • conducting forecasts and proposing analytical materials, reports and recommendations to the President of Kazakhstan on foreign policy issues  and national interests of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
    • conducting research on further ways of enhancement of Kazakhstan’s foreign policy activity in the priority directions, marked by the Head of the State in strategic documents; providing evaluation on tactical and strategic risks for national interest of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
    • developing potential scenarios of bilateral relations and international environment in the context of its possible impact on Kazakhstan.

    Head of office – Erzhan Aidarovich SALTYBAYEV

    Tel.: 8 (7172) 693020

    Strategic research and forecasting office


    • study, understanding and promotion of the history, theory and practice of Kazakhstan’s statehood, Kazakhstan’s way – “Nazarbayev’s model”;
    • preparation of information and analytical materials on studying problems of sustainable development of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
    • preparation of forecasting and analytical materials, proposals and recommendations to the President, President’s Administration and management – in order to find effective ways to implement the “Kazakhstan-2050″ and joining the top 30 developed countries.

    Head of office - Mikhail Vladimirovich MIRONENKO

    Tel.: 8 (7172) 693090

    International science projects office


    • preparation of problem and thematic reports, monographs,collections on topical issues of political, economic and social development in the context of political initiatives of the Leader Nation;
    • the organization of scientific and practical activities and development of a national expert network for creation of international intellectual platform for the promotion of strategic initiatives of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the country and abroad;
    • development of cooperation with foreign analytical centers and research institutions for implementation of joint research projects and organizing  events.

    Head of office - Marian Asarovna ABISHEVA

    Tel.: 8 (7172) 693091

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