Agenda: expert opinions

Nurtas Janibekov: THE ROLE OF KAZAKHSTAN IN THE GLOBAL ANTI-NUCLEAR MOVEMENT The current stage of international relations and world economic situation is going through a complex historical period. This period is especially difficult because of the new political and military conflicts around the world. Nonetheless, we should admit, that it could be much more dangerous and threatening for the globe secure, if the growth of the nuclear program was not stopped in the last century.

The Ukraine Crisis’s Central Asian Echoes

The Ukraine crisis—the annexation of Crimea and Russian military intervention in East Ukraine—is the most serious crisis in the post-Soviet sphere since the collapse of the Soviet Union for many reasons. It is a far graver crisis than was the 2008 Russian-Georgian war, the impact of which was limited.

Does the Eurasian Economic Union have a future? Six experts from the post-Soviet space weigh in on whether the ambitious integration project – the Eurasian Economic Union, which Russia relentlessly promotes – makes economic and political sense for their nations.

Central Asia turning to Russia and the US to combat ISIS The increasing activity of ISIS in Central Asia is driving regional leaders to ask Russia and the U.S. for help. Will Moscow and Washington become more active in the region to prevent terror attacks by ISIS?


The cities and towns on the rediscovered Silk Road – and what the connection between China and Europe means for them (“FUTURE” 2015 issue)  The Yuxinou Railway: Kazakhstan’s part

China and Russia allies not frenemies in Central Asia Often likened to being “between a rock and a hard place”, Central Asia’s relatively isolated position has required it to maintain consistent and balanced good relations with the two giant neighbours, China and Russia.

APK Initiative Reflects Citizens’ Trust in President Nazarbayev On Feb. 14, the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan (APK) put forward an initiative to hold an early presidential election. The appeal, signed by members of the Council of the APK, says, “The new proof of the credibility of the Leader of the Nation will unite and knit people together in a new stage of world development, allowing them to join efforts to settle the most important issues of state development.”