The Library of the Elbassy announces the launch of the annual literary relay "Abay readings", devoted to birthday of the great Kazakh poet, composer, educator, philosopher and public figure, founder of the Kazakh written literature and its first classic Abay Kunanbayev. His works have been translated into 60 languages.

New information project of the Elbassy Library is aimed at the popularization of literary heritage of Abay, the culture of reading and literary taste among the Kazakhstan youth, education of patriotism.

The conditions of the literary contest:

1. Take video expressive reading any of the poems of Abay (in Kazakh, Russian, English).

2. Put the video on one of the social networks facebook or instagram with the hashtags #нашАбай, #литэстафетаАбай, #БиблиотекаЕлбасыАбай.

3. The contest is held from August 4 to August 11, 2017

4. According to the results of a literary relay race, solemn rewarding of the best reciters will take place at the Library of the Elbassy.


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