Elective course "Astana studying"

    In September, October 2013 once again took place the elective course "Astana studying". In 2013–2014 academic year the listeners of the course were the pupils of the 8th form of G. Kairbekov school gymnasium No. 2. For the first time the course was approved in 2010–2011 academic year on the basis of the Museum within the educational project "N.A.Nazarbayev's political initiatives in formation and development of the Republic of Kazakhstan". The purpose of the elective course is education at schoolchildren of independent historical thinking, active, moral position in attitude to city problems, respect for history and present of Astana.

       The program provides lectures and practical lessons, excursions, etc. During the course "Astana studying" were held 10 lessons. The special place in this course had wide use of independent, creative, practical works of pupils (carrying out search and research work in libraries, museums of Astana, etc.). Unlike traditional school courses, the children had opportunity to get acquainted with unique exhibits and documents about history of the young capital of independent Kazakhstan from funds of the Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. At the end of the course and control test, the certificates were handed over to children.