Elective course "Elbasytanu"

 The elective course "Elbasytanu" was held in September, October, 2014.  the pupils of the 8th grade of school-lyceum No. 50 became listeners of this course.

     The Museum in its activity pays special attention to the expansion of the directions of museum pedagogy within research of a phenomenon of leadership of the Head of the state. For this purpose the scientific programme researching the biography and historical role of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – the Leader of the Nation N. A. Nazarbayev is developed. The staff of the Museum has collected rich material about children and school days of future President during its researches. 

     Chief research officer of the Museum L.A. Omarova developed the course "Elbasytanu" which purpose is education of independent historical thinking, promotion of personal and political creed of the First President among younger generation.
     Within the limits of the course the pupils got acquainted with the childhood, youth of the President.  The listeners prepared speeches about life and activity of the President for the final lesson. The pupils expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to learn interesting facts from the biography of the President.
     During realization of the course were used the museum exhibits, photographic and video materials.The certificates were handed over to children after completion of the course.