Elective course "Elbasytanu"

  The elective course "Elbasytanu" was held on March 27, 2014 for pupils of Kogam secondary school of Enbekshilder district of Akmola region.


          Chief research officer of the Museum, author-developer of the course "Elbasytanu" L.A. Omarova denoted education of independent historical thinking, promotion of personal and political creed of the First President among younger generation as a key purpose of the course. She presented a rich material about children and school days of future President, collected by the staff of the Museum during researches. The lecturer acquainted children with the biography of the President, having comprehensively revealed facets of personality of Nazarbayev N. A.
The documents from the Personal archive of the Head of the state, as well as materials of scientific and research expeditions which have been carried out by the staff of the Museum at the motherland of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan were presented at the lesson.
After completion of the course, certificates, souvenirs, and books were handed over to listeners.

Students expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to get in touch with the history of the formation of the personality of our President.