On September 27, 2017 at 5.00 pm. in the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbassy (10, Bokeikhan str.) will take place opening of the exhibition of the Zhybaniyazov family’s works, the masters of the decorative-applied art «Steppe melody».

The Zhybaniyazov family is friendly and famous Almaty artists. They are founders of a professional creative dynasty – the honoured worker of culture of RK, the member of the Union of artists of Kazakhstan, painter, artist Kuandyk Nauryzbayevich Zhybaniyazov (1947-2007) and his wife Kulipa Esimovna – is an artist, the honoured worker of culture of Kazakhstan.

Kuandyk and Kulipa met at the art school. The spouses graduated from the art school in the early 1970s, and that decade for young artists was time of test of the forces and opportunities. At that time the enthusiastic artists actively studied the possibilities of tapestry’s manual weaving and were engaged in painting.

As well as in any creative dynasty, in the Zhybaniyazov family their children continued the work of the parents. The daughter Gulnar is an artist, the master of decorative-applied art, the master of art history, the member of the Union of artists of Kazakhstan, and the son Nursultan is a sculptor and artist, the participant of the republican and foreign exhibitions of art of plasticity.

Nowadays the works of the Zhybaniyazov family are stored in the collections of embassies of the foreign states in Kazakhstan, in the state and regional museums and also in the private galleries. At the exhibition are presented the works which participated in the republican and international competitions and exhibitions (Russia, Hungary, Norway, Germany, etc.).

«Steppe melody» exhibition will be till October 22, 2017.


It is free of charge.

Address: Astana, 10, A. Bokeikhan str. (the building of «Nazarbayev Centre»)