Thematic exhibitions

Exhibition, dedicated to the holiday Nauryz

      March 19 – April 22, 2007. In the small banquet hall was represented the exhibition of the objects of decorative- applied skill from the collection of Museum - jewellery articles, articles of daily life, souvenirs, pictures, carpets and the felt articles of Kazakh masters.  

Exhibition of the work of winners and participants of the II Republic festival of the creation of children with the limited possibilities "Zhuldyzay".

      May 31 - June 25, 2007, in Museum passed the exhibition of the work of winners and participants of the II Republic festival of the creation of children with the limited possibilities "Zhuldyzay" in the nominations "Decorative- applied skill", "Depictive skill", “Literary creation”.       Its organizers became the Museum of the First President of the Republic of the Kazakhstan, welfare fund "Kamkor" and the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of the Kazakhstan.

Aura of tenderness

   June 29, 2007, in Museum took place the opening the personal exhibition of Kamil Mukashev, deserved worker of Kazakhstan, folk artist of Tatarstan, laureate of the Academy of fine arts France, academician, professor of the Academy of the skills in the name of T. Zhurgenov. 45 pictures were represented on the exhibition. These are the best work of artist, created by it from the beginning of the new millennium.


      The exhibition of the works of the members of the Union of the artists of Kazakhstan K. S. Akhmetzhan and R.A. Akhmetzhana was organized by Museum.       On the exhibition were represented picturesque works, graphic sheets of book illustrations and scientific and artistic reconstructions of the traditional armament of Kazakhs, article made of chiy.


   From September 11 to October29, 2007, by museum together with the Art- club "Құланши" was organized the exhibition of pictures and the graphs of well-known artists from the different countries and the continents, which cooperate in the independent creative association "Құланши".       On the exhibition were represented 55 works. This is the work of masters from Kazakhstan, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Portugal, USA, Great Britain. Many of them - the laureates of international competitions and participants in the European symposia on the skill.

Inspired by nature

      Exhibition from the collection of gifts to Head of the state to N.A.Nazarbayev in the large banquet hall introduced visitors to the works of well-known Kazakhstan and foreign artists - splendid landscapes of Kazakhstan, Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Mongolia, Vietnam, Moldova, Tatarstan, Tajikistan.       Exhibition was prolonged during 15-30 November, 2007.  

Tenge - the symbol of independence

        In the small banquet hall is presented the exhibition, timed to the Day of national currency and the professional holiday of the workers of financial system of RK. It could be possible to introduce to the history of the introduction of national currency in Kazakhstan.  Exhibition was prolonged since November 15 to December 15, 2007.

Report exhibition of the works of the students of the Children's artistic school of Astana

      Exhibition was conducted for purposes of the support of gifted youngers and acquaintance of guests and inhabitants of the capital with the creation of its growing up generation. The best works of children were represented here - these are painting, sculpture, graphics, the article of decorative - applied skill. Young inhabitants of Astana attempt to express itself, to show their own vision of the world.       November 30 - December 10, 2007.