The exit excursion «Atameken»

The Museum of the First President of RK holds the complex of the cultural-educational actions dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which is one of the the main events of 2016. Among them are the exit excursions.
On February 17, 2016 in «Samuryk» kindergarten No. 45 took place the exit excursion «Atameken». Simple words, interesting evident materials about history of the country, gaining Independence - it was a format of the excursion intended for the pupils of kindergartens and elementary schools.
The exit excursion let the little visitors feel themselves as metallurgists and get acquainted with the complex of unique materials including: photos, archival documents, fragments of films about life way of the Head of state N. A. Nazarbayev, whose biography is connected with the history of Independent Kazakhstan inseparably.