«Fortunes in pictures» exhibition

March 29 – April 10, 2017
«Fortunes in pictures» exhibition from the funds of the Atyrau regional museum of art and decorative-applied arts named after Sh. Sariev.
In the building of the museum of the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Leader of the Nation was held «Fortunes in pictures» exhibition dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Atyrau regional museum of art and decorative-applied arts named after Sh. Sariev. The exhibition was organized within the limits of «National property» inter-museum project of the Library. 
In 2008 the museums of the Atyrau region gave the start to the large-scale project (in that time it was the Museum of the First President of Kazakhstan) "Kazakhstan directed to the future". In 2011 the exhibition from the funds of the Museum of the First President was presented in Atyrau. In this anniversary year for the Atyrau colleagues, in Astana took place the uncommon event which became the result of fruitful partnership. 
In her speech the deputy director of the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Aktayeva Kulyaysha Kabdualiyevna noted:
"The project "Kazakhstan directed to the future" was directed to acquaintance of the citizens and guests of the capital with history, ethnology and culture of Kazakhstan regions. There were held the exhibitions of the museum collections from 12 regions within the limits of the project. The implementation of this project allowed coming to qualitatively new level of partnership with the regional folk museums. «Жайык жагалауы сыр шертедi» exhibition from the museum funds of the Atyrau region was very interesting for the visitors. There were presented historical and cultural heritage of the region.
The current exhibition will allow seeing the original world of culture of the Atyrau artists and sculptors once again".
In the speech of welcome Tolegen Orynbasaruly the director of the Atyrau regional museum of art and decorative-applied arts named after Sh. Sariev told about the prospects and plans of the museum: "This year is anniversary for our museum. We decided to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our museum, Sh. Sariyev's 80th anniversary with the series of various actions. This exhibition is the first anniversary action. Besides, we are planning the international scientific and practical conference, opening of the personal exhibition of Sh. Sariev.
In 25 years we passed the way from small art gallery to the recognized museum of arts. Our first exhibitions were some kind of presentation of our museum which was a cultural center in Atyrau. A current exhibition is reporting, because it shows the results of past years".
Among the guests of honour at the exhibition was Kulpash Sarieva. She is Sh. Sariev's spouse, the director of the Foundation of Sh. Sariev, the doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor. In the interview she told about a peculiar career of the husband, bright pages of his biography, activity of the Foundation of Sh. Sariev:
"Sh. Sariev was a true patriot of the Homeland. And, of course, the activity of the Foundation is directed to promotion of rich material and spiritual heritage of the Kazakh people. We publish a series of the magazines: «Әдіскер», «Елтану», «Сүретті қазақ тілі», «Қазақ тілі өлкетану», «Кәсіптік қазақ тілі», etc.
Sh. Sariyev was a many-sided personality, had original intellection. Now we are going to publish the collection of his verses. Everything that he couldn’t reflect in the pictures, he expressed in his verses. His verses are interesting and beautiful. He devoted some verses to F. Ongarsynova. They were friends since the childhood.
Besides, he is the only artist in Kazakhstan who wrote treatises about art".
The works of the artists and craftsmen of the Atyrau region were presented at the exhibition: Shaymardan Sariev, Kambarbek Amanov, Zholaman Aralbayev, Raphael Slekenov, Issim Arystanov, Nursultan Kaliyev and others. The pictorial works of the exhibition are the pictures made in three most popular and famous genres: portrait, landscape and still life. Every work is unique and reflects creative identity of authors who are united by one general aspiration – love and interest in disclosure of secrets and beauty of natural and objective world.
In the works of Kambarbek Amanov, Kabdola Dosniyazov is presented the harmonious picture of the nature with the individual author's style and an emotional background. The landscapes appear as something complete, without separately existing –sky, water and earth. All components of composition are integrated together and show the mood to all parts of a landscape. Shaymardan Sariev’s portraits with characteristic yellow-brown colour are very individual and unique.
Zauresh Nurpeisova the manager of excursion and mass department of the Atyrau regional museum of art and decorative-applied arts named after Sh. Sariev in her interview noted: "First of all any museum is fund. Therefore we brought the best of our fund to Astana. Of course, there are works of our master, bright representative of creative generation of "men of the sixties" - Shaymardan Sariev. From the first steps of Shaymardan Sariev in painting it was clear – he was uncommon and talented person. His early graphic works of the 60s are filled with national color and especially interesting. The artist said: "I will mix the paints in Kazakh style". There are also presented the works of young artists who follow in Sh. Sariev’s footsteps.
Such exhibitions are not only cooperation between the museums, but also exchange of experience, technique, knowledge".
Besides pictorial works there were presented decorative-applied arts. They were made of wood and leather by the famous masters Nursultan Kaliyev and Kenes Aiypkaliyev. In the works of the masters were brightly shown the national colour and aspiration to show the historical images by means of art expressions.
In general, the exhibition represented the complex of works of modern artists and craftsmen of the Atyrau region. All authors of the works are difficult and extraordinary creative persons, with their own author's style.