On April 24, 2017 the Library of the Leader of the Nation held a national round table on the topic "The institution of the presidency as the basis of statehood in the Republic of Kazakhstan".

Scientists of the research institutes and centers, experts in the political modernization and socio-political relations, attended the event. There were the Institute of the state history, Academy of public administration and KISI under the President of Kazakhstan, teaching staff, Kazakhstani undergraduates and doctoral students. As well as members of the Kazakhstan Parliament and of the constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

"Today is a significant event for our country – 27-Th anniversary of Institute of the presidency in Kazakhstan. Time showed that Kazakhstan headed by the Leader of the Nation had chosen the right path. Life itself confirmed the correctness of its decisions, his wise and balanced policy. The Kazakhstan model of the presidency is the core of Kazakhstan statehood and represents the unity of the people of the country", - said in his welcoming speech Deputy Director of the Library of the Leader of the Nation Beisembai Zhumabekov.

During the roundtable, Professor of the Academy of public administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Zinaida Fedotova has told about development of Institute of presidency in our country, difficult and responsible stage of formation of the young independent Kazakhstan. According to her opinion, "Kazakhstan has passed a successful way of growth and development in the context of the presidential form of government. Strong presidential power was needed in the years of formation and development of the young state, during the anti-crisis reforms, modernization of all spheres of society. Today Kazakhstan stepped into a new stage of modernization, so we are talking about strengthening of the statehood, the further development of democracy. The Institute of presidency in Kazakhstan has passed a difficult way, reacting to all challenges of time; as a result, it ensured the political stability and dynamic economic development of the country."

During the roundtable, the experts shared their views about the peculiarities of the modernization of the political system of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the context of constitutional amendments. Also were discussed issues of formation of the Institute of presidency as well as its role in the creation of the statehood in Kazakhstan, the processes of maintaining inter-ethnic and inter-religious harmony and the consolidation of society, ensuring security and stability both globally and at regional and national scale.

At the conclusion, the speakers of the round table, the direct participants in many historic events of the presidency answered the questions.

According to the results of round table will be published the collection of works.