Personal exhibition of artist Zhurkabayeva Guldana «Way to yourself».

January 25 – February 20, 2017  
Personal exhibition of artist Zhurkabayeva Guldana «Way to yourself».
«Way to yourself» exhibition of Zhurkabayeva Guldana the master of decorative-applied art was organized in the limits of the «Wings of hope» project to support creative youth.
In 2009 in the Museum of the First President of Kazakhstan within the regional exhibition project "Kazakhstan directed to the future" was organized “Cradle of national cultures” exhibition from the museum funds of the Kostanay region. The sculptors, artists and masters of decorative-applied art of the Kostanay region presented their works. Among them was also Guldana Zhurkabayeva. Guldana's works were attracted, diversified and many-sided. From that time the artist has been making about 150 creative works, she is known in foreign countries.
Guldana Zhurkabaeva was born on January 25, 1979 in the village Zhangeldy, of the Kustanay region. She graduated from the Torgay humanitarian college, then, in 2003, she graduated from the Kostanay humanitarian institute, and had specialty of designer. Guldana is a member of the Union of Artists of Astana, laureate of «Shabyt» premium of Kostanay Patrons Club. Her works participated in many republican and foreign exhibitions. On December 16, 2016 the artist won the first place in the International festival and arts competition which took place in the Republic of San Marino.
In the speech of welcome the deputy director of Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Aktayeva Kulyaisha Kabdualiyevna noted: "The style of Guldana Zhurkabayeva is formed in constant search of the author's credo. The appeal to a symbolical number of nomads of the Great steppe gives the chance to combine incongruous things: paints, leather, etc".
In her speech Guldana noted: "Exhibition «Way to yourself» differs from other my exhibitions, because there are many oil paintings. For the first time I decided to disclose all variety of internal philosophy on canvases as it allows, and to draw all palette of my feelings. Every work is a history about myself, search of a truth which is absent. The way to life is more important, than an ultimate goal. The manifestation of thoughts for creation, infinity of life, ephemerality of feelings in the human relations - all these thoughts were embodied in my works, turning into the author's monologue.
The vision of the outside world not as others (disease of eyes) gives me the chance to look around absolutely newly. When focus and color show an image not standardly, they add uniqueness to works. My handicap (difficult diagnosis) for me is my advantage long ago".
At the exhibition «Way to yourself» were presented more than 40 works made of leather and painted with acrylic colouring. The subjects of Totemizm and Shamanism are close and disturbing for many contemporaries. The artist makes sense of ancient symbols in her own way, and uses them in her works extensively. The works on the leathers and canvases "Scythian motives", "Steppe melody", "Sounds from the past", "Zodiac cycle" and many others were made by the author under impression of ancient drawings of mankind. Besides leather and acryle, the master widely used various decorative elements. Among them were amber, coins, natural stones, beads, buttons, feathers, bones of animals.
The technique of the first works of the artist belonged to decorative-applied art. Silhouettes and symbols, proportions and plots of the ancient petroglyphs shout to one another with the natural, "wild" material. There were widely used fragments of leathers of various animals. Their raw fur, being a part of the general composition, showed an image of ancient messages.
Guldana Zhurkabayeva is an original artist. She is opening all new sides of her wide and unique talent for many years of her creativity. She is persistent in the achievement of goals, hard-working, honest. In the works of the master are surprising number of associations between past and present.