“Miras” magazine

«MIRAS» № 1 (21) 2012

Theme: «Political modernization» CONTENT   Political view  Economical and political modernization allows Kazakhstan enter the most competitive states of the world In mirror of Mass Media  Political reforming comes to increase in responsibility of the power before society Column of editor Botagoz Kaipova. Демократиялық өзгеріс пен саяси жаңғырулар жалғасын таба бермек

«MIRAS» № 2 (22) 2012

Theme: «Astana – is a symbol of independent Kazakhstan»   CONTENT  Political view Astana is a collection of architectural pearls. It is a marvel of XXI century    In mirror of Mass Media

«MIRAS» № 3 (23) 2012

Theme: «Civil society»   CONTENT Political view  Civil society can make invaluable contribution to decision-making process In mirror of Mass Media  Only strong civil society seeking for advance of reforms, can guarantee their irreversibility

«MIRAS» № 4 (24) 2012

Theme: «Industrial-innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan»   CONTENT Political view  Modernization of economy – is a key way to successful social development of the country In mirror of Mass Media Industrialization – is a base of new economic policy Word to reader Alma Sagyngali. Ел тірегі – Елбасы