on November 11 at the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan took place the round table «Modernization of public consciousness: current issues in the activity of libraries and archives». Some issues were discussed at event: the role of libraries and archives in the study of topical issues ща the history of independent Kazakhstan; realization of key directions of the Address of the Head of State «Third modernization of Kazakhstan: global competitiveness» as a strategic factor in the modernization of Kazakhstan's culture, the use of the potential of libraries and archives in the formation of Kazakhstan's identity and unity, the new Kazakhstan patriotism, the role of libraries and archives in the formation of a competitive Kazakhstan nation – the generation of «Mangilik El».

The first heads of libraries and archives of the Astana, Almaty and Almaty region took part at the event. Moderator of the round table – the deputy director of the Elbassy library, doctor of political sciences, professor Amerkhan Rakhimzhanov in his speech noted:

– The round table is held within the framework of the mobile scientific-educational and cultural-educational exhibition project «N. Nazarbayev: era, personality, society». At all times libraries and archives carried out a special mission of preserving the cultural heritage of humanity, the spiritual treasury of the people. In the context of modernization of public consciousness, it is very important to unite our efforts, build professionally useful dialogues, discuss issues and problems common for all organizations of the cultural, educational and scientific-educational profile. New time requires new approaches, technologies, solutions and ideas. The Elbassy library carries out a wide range of works in the fields of archival, library, museum, scientific, analytical, cultural and educational activities, we will be happy to share our experience.

The director of the Archive of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, doctor of technical sciences, professor Boris Zhaparov in his speech spoke about the importance of archives in the spiritual modernization of Kazakhstan society.

–An appeal to the historical past, the revival of the historical memory of the people is played an enormous role in the formation of new spiritual values and guidance of society, in the modernization of public consciousness. The role and importance of archives and libraries in this process are invaluable.

Speaking about the achievements and prospects of the archives in Kazakhstan, he noted the need to address to the world's best practices in archival matters.

The deputy director for science of the National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan Azhar Yusupova her speech devoted to innovative projects developed by the staff of the institution.

– On the basis of the National library, leading scientists will conduct consultations on the introduction of the latin alphabet, help the population to develop a new alphabet, that is, answer to questions that interest the whole society. In general, libraries and archives should be flagship in such an important direction as improving the quality of the country's human capital.

The head of the Service library work of the Elbassy library Sandugash Absadirova in her report noted the need to promotion the national cultural heritage and gave as an example the information projects of the Elbassy library «Book collections of the Elbassy library» and «The history of the country in the exhibits, books and archive documents of the Elbassy library», aimed to introduction public with unique funds of one of the leading scientific-research and cultural-educational institutions of the capital.

The head of the archival work sector Zhangeldy Bimoldin, in his report reflected the main directions of the Personal Archive of Elbassy, and also presented publications prepared on the basis of the staff’s research works results.

– The unique biographical and creative materials about the cervice and public activities of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan collected at the Personal archive of Elbassy. The personal documents, reflecting the stages of life and activities of the Head of State are particularly valuable for us.

12 thematic reports on topical issues of the development of the library and archive business were presented to the round table. Participants expressed their gratitude for the organization of the event and constructive discussions.