News archive 2016

29.07.2016 | The book about Tokhtar Aubakirov - «The first Kazakh cosmonaut»

The glorification astronaut Tokhtar Aubakirov - 70 years. On the life of a national hero, his formation and the first flight into space in an essay tells the journalist Talgat Suyunbai. The book begins with the words of the philosopher Abu Nasir al-Farabi that home to a person will always be space.

26.07.2016 | The stars of sport gifts to the President of Kazakhstan

T-shirt from Pele, gloves of Serik Sapiev, shirt of Alexander Vinokourov - Leader of the Nation souvenirs from the world of sports, today anyone can see on display in the Library of the First President. The gift signed by the King of football Pele in 2007 to Head of the State handed by Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. On yellow-green T-shirt Legendary Brazilian player best wishes to President Nursultan Nazarbayev. Here T-shirt with number 10 from one of the most renowned clubs in Spanish football - "Real Madrid" with the name of Nursultan.

21.07.2016 | The Annals of Astana as the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The history of Astana as the capital of the state rises from 1994. After the adoption of the Resolution of the Supreme Council of the Republic has begun work on a stormy transfer from Almaty to Akmola the capital. Each step of this important historical process is reflected in the book, which is now exhibited in the Leader of the Nation Library.

19.07.2016 | DRAWINGS of Leonardo da Vinci in LEADER OF THE NATION LIBRARY

In the treasury of the First President Library has a copy of the famous Atlantic Code - the manuscript of Leonardo da Vinci. The foliant contains drawings and records an outstanding inventor on various topics - aerodynamics, weapons, musical instruments, mathematics, botany, and more.

12.07.2016 | Encyclopedic lexicon. One of the most prominent of encyclopedias in 1835 kept the Leader of the Nation Library.

The lexicon of Plouchard, also called Encyclopedic Dictionary, which was published in the 1834-1841 years. The original author team was more than 100 people, they are largest scientists, members of the five academies. Among them, a military historian, General Nikolai Golitsyn, Orientalist Academician Jacob Schmidt, who first introduced the study of the Mongolian language and literature in European science, as well as the Russian historian, Privy Councillor Ivan Shulgin, philologist Academician Dmitry Languages and other prominent scientists era.

20.06.2016 | Manifest "The World. XXI Century" - Consensus of states on issues of non-proliferation nuclear weapons.

From the hydrogen bomb to anthrax. Anything that can be a threat to peaceful co-existence of humanity - is discussed today the international conference "Manifest: The World. XXI Century "- a new paradigm of security of global development." The meeting of leading experts on nuclear safety organized by the Library Research Center of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Leader of the Nation, together with the International Science and Technology Center (ISTC).

02.06.2016 | The literary evening “Word about Mashkhur”

On April 6, 2016 in the Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan took place the literary evening “Word about Mashkhur” devoted to historical and cultural heritage of the famous folklorist, poet Mashkhur Zhusup Kopeev.

01.06.2016 | CALL FOR PAPERS Inaugural Canada in Kazakhstan Conference “Applying Canadian Models to Kazakhstan”

The Embassy of Canada to the Republic of Kazakhstan, in partnership with the Library of the First President of Kazakhstan, is pleased to announce an academic conference on comparative studies applying Canadian governance, economic, and social models to Kazakhstan. Students, faculty, and independent scholars are cordially invited to submit papers addressing this topic along the following themes: Foreign policy and international security Climate change and energy: international and domestic policies

09.03.2016 | Visit to Kadir Mirza Ali Centre for Culture and Arts

During the visit President Nursultan Nazarbayev attended the arts and culture hall, library, and a memorial hall. The head of state also met with representatives of the region’s creative intelligentsia. The President noted that scientific achievements and innovations will encourage further growth of the global economy.