Documentary was screened at the Baku puppet theatre

"The light outside the window"

On October 1, within the festival of poetry, art and spirituality - Nasimi, the Baku puppet theatre held a screening of the documentary film "The light outside the window", awarded the "TEFI Commonwealth" Prize. The film was shot with the support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and Baku media center.

The event was attended by chief producer and author of the idea - Vice-President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Leyla Aliyeva and Arzu Aliyeva.

The film "Light outside the window" tells about the eternal struggle between good and evil.


Opening of the monument to great Azerbaijani poet

Imadeddin Nasimi took place in Moscow

On October 30, within the celebration of the 650th anniversary of the birth of the great Azerbaijani poet-thinker Imadeddin Nasimi, a monument to the poet was unveiled in the atrium of the M. I. Rudomino All-Russian State Library for Foreign Literature in Moscow with the organizational support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation.

Vice-President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Leyla Aliyeva, Deputy Minister of Culture of Russia Pavel Stepanov, Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Russia Polad Bulbuloglu, General Director of the Library of Foreign Literature named after M. I. Rudomino Mikhail Shepel delivered remarks at the opening ceremony of the monument.


First Vice President Mehriban Aliyeva visited the Rehabilitation Center for children with autism syndrome in Baku

On October 31, First Vice-President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva visited the Rehabilitation Center for children with autism syndrome in Baku, operating under the Public Association "Together and healthy" in the Narimanov district of the capital. The Center for Rehabilitation of children with autism syndrome operates with the support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation.

The Public Association "Together and healthy" is a non-governmental organization working in Azerbaijan with children with autism disorders and their parents.


Loyalty to civic duty

On October 9, 2019 - 95th anniversary of the birth of A. N. Aksenov.

The life and work of Alexander Nikiforovich Aksenov (1924, the village of Kuntorovka, Vetkovsky district of the Gomel region - 2009, Minsk) is a vivid example of dedicated service to the motherland, loyalty to civic duty and selfless work.

Fate gave this wonderful man a bright life, filled with good deeds and respect for others. He came a long and glorious way – he courageously fought in the fields of the Great Patriotic War, for many years worked fruitfully in the most responsible leadership positions in the state, Komsomol and party bodies.


For our beloved moms. Books with heart and soul

Mom ... how much warmth, tenderness, care there is in this simple word, how our heart trembles when we pronounce it and remember the only woman who is always near us, ready to help, support, comfort, cheer and make us smile even in the most sullen and gloomy day.

On the eve of Mother's Day, the Presidential Library of the Republic of Belarus presents five books dedicated to our most beloved and devoted women – to our mothers.


"Stops on the way" exhibition of Ekaterina Kozhukhova

The branch of the Presidential Library of the Republic of Belarus in the Residence of the President of the Republic of Belarus hosted the opening of a personal art exhibition by Ekaterina Koshukova "Stops on the way".

Life is like a road - sometimes it is too bumpy, sometimes boring. Someone rushes at breakneck speed, and someone rolls by inertia. However, we all make stops from time to time - for a minute, an hour, or a day to admire a beautiful view or to look into yourself and again feel the pulse of a distant dream.

For the author, this exhibition is also a kind of stop and summing up after eight years of drawing and painting.

Festival of Children's Museum Routes "Discovery time"

Boris Yeltsin Museum is a participant of the main program of the Festival of Children's Museum routes "Discovery time".

From October 26 to November 10, Yekaterinburg will host the first city Festival of Children's Museum Routes "Discovery time", which bring together 14 city museums. The young participants will be able to go on the museum quests during the school holidays.


Igor Baranov - on the digital economy as a driver of growth

The Internet of things, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, blockchain, big data – these are only part of the rapidly growing worldwide economy, called digital. Could it be a magic wand that will accelerate economic growth in Russia?

Igor Baranov, economist and Vice-rector for education and research of Sberbank Corporate University, asked this question to the audience gathered on October 3 in the Yeltsin Center cinema and conference hall and suggested to find the answers together. Meeting with Igor Baranov opens a lecture course at Sberbank Corporate University in Yeltsin Center.

Tennis scholarship holders were honored at the Kremlin Cup

The best young tennis players of the country, scholarship holders of the Foundation of the First President of Russia Boris Yeltsin were honored on October 19 at the VTB Kremlin Cup in Moscow.

Naina Yeltsina, Tatyana Yumasheva, President of the Russian Tennis Federation Shamil Tarpishchev, as well as legendary tennis players Yevgeny Kafelnikov, Anastasia Myskina and Marat Safin attended the ceremony, which took place on the Centre court of the Krylatskoye Ice Palace.


"How Yesenin lived" and other memories of the poet – in the Presidential library Fund

October 3, 2019, marks the 124th anniversary of the birth of the poet Sergei Yesenin (1895-1925) - a representative of the "novokrestyansk" direction in art, consonant in its imagery with imagism. The Fund of the Presidential library contains a number of materials dedicated to him: books, photographic postcards, video lecture "Sergei Alexandrovich Yesenin in the dialogue of cultures", scientific works devoted to his work, memories of people from the inner circle of Yesenin, published speech "S. Yesenin speaks at the opening of the monument to A. Koltsov (Moscow, November 1918)". In the electronic reading room of the Presidential library, you can get acquainted with all these documents.

The presidential library will digitize unique materials from the Fund of the all-Russian Institute named after N. I. Vavilov

The presidential library has started digitizing materials from the Fund of the Scientific agricultural library of the all-Russian Institute of plant genetic resources named after N. I. Vavilov. The periodicals "Journal of the Ministry of state property" and "Proceedings of the Free Economic society" will be converted into electronic format, which will complement the section "ministries" of the large-scale electronic collection "State power".

"Dedication to Anna" sounded in the Presidential library

In connection with the celebration of the 130th anniversary of the birth of Anna Andreyevna Akhmatova (1889-1966), a literary and musical evening "Dedication to Anna" was held on Senatskaya square, 3, within the Poetry Club of the Presidential library. The event was broadcast on the portal and the library's YouTube channel, a recording of the event is still available.

Poets and poetry lovers, members of the Union of Writers of Russia, members of creative associations, students of the Tsarskoye Selo gymnasium of arts named after A. A. Akhmatova, researchers of museums, readers of the Presidential library, visited the library.

A representative of the Museum "Anna Akhmatova. The silver age" (the first Museum in Russia dedicated to Akhmatova and the Gumilyov family) Elena Doroshenko invited all poetry lovers to get acquainted with its exposition and told about the activities of the creator and longstanding Director of the Museum V. A. Bilichenko.


Lermontov’s life and death: "The blue mountains of the Caucasus ...

you have accustomed me to heaven"

October 15, 2019, marks the 205th anniversary of the birth of the Great Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov, one of the most profound and unraveled poets of Russia. The electronic collection of the Presidential library "M. Y. Lermontov (1814-1841)", released for his 200th anniversary in 2014, contains materials revealing the extraordinary personality of the poet, his role in the formation of new literature in Russia. The fact that Lermontov lived only 27 years, did not prevent him to understand the sacred essence of Russia and the nature of obstacles on its historical path, to look into the most secret corners of the Russian soul.


Virtual tour of the blockade museum "And the muses were not silent…" -

on the portal of the Presidential library

The portal of the Presidential library presents a virtual tour of the museum "And the muses were not silent...", which is also available for free download and can be used as part of educational activities.

The tour "And the muses were not silent... " is dedicated to the culture and art of Leningrad during the Great Patriotic War and tells about the spiritual life of the besieged city, the tragic fate of Leningrad. Its theme is the path to spirituality through books, music, theater... The name "And the muses were not silent..." was proposed by soloist of the St. Petersburg Theater of Musical Comedy Anatoly Korolkevich. It refutes the ancient Roman saying: "When guns roar, muses are silent."


JFK Library Celebrating 40th anniversary with Free Admission

BOSTON (AP) — The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum is celebrating its 40th anniversary this weekend. The complex opened on Oct. 20, 1979, and then-President Jimmy Carter was among the luminaries who spoke.

Library director Alan Price calls the milestone an opportunity for the institution to reflect on JFK’s legacy and seek new opportunities to build on the ideals the nation’s 35th president stood for.


Obama Foundation seeks Iowa campaign mementos for presidential museum

As presidential campaigns sweep through Iowa every four years, they leave behind a trail of T-shirts, yard signs and other candidate bric-a-brac. Now, some of those mementos could end up on exhibit. The foundation is looking for campaign memorabilia as well as items that have personal significance to former campaign volunteers to be included in the Obama Presidential Center Museum in Chicago. Even anti-Obama items are welcome.


Harry S. Truman Library and Museum Embarks on a Major Renovation and Expansion

Attractions Will Include Viewer Interactive Exhibits, Immersive Sound and Light Theaters and State-of-the-Art Technology

In 2020, the Harry S. Truman Library and Museum will celebrate the 75th anniversary of Truman’s ascent to the presidency of the United States with the completion of the institution’s largest renovation and expansion since it opened more than 60 years ago. Having closed this past July, the museum is expected to reopen in a year.

The library, museum and Truman Library Institute, under the leadership of its new library director, Kurt Graham, began planning for the project four years ago. The 2016 strategic plan, in part, called for updating the museum’s exhibition, developing a second generation of education programs and creating a comprehensive vision and plan for the 75th anniversary of Truman’s presidency.


FDR Library and Museum hosts talk about Theodore Roosevelt legacy

On Tuesday, the author of a recent book on the 26th President of the United States will share his thoughts in a conversation at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum.

The Hyde Park site is hosting Michael P. Cullinane, author of the book "Theodore Roosevelt's Ghost: The History and Memory of an American Icon," for a book signing and discussion.

The event at the library's Henry A. Wallace Center, which is scheduled to begin at 4 p.m., is free but registration is required through David B. Woolner, resident historian and senior fellow, will lead the conversation.


Martwick to host Capitol on Your Corner at Eisenhower Library

HARWOOD HEIGHTS – State Senator Robert Martwick (D-Chicago) invites residents to attend an important Capitol on Your Corner on Friday, Oct. 11 at the Eisenhower Library (4613 N Oketo Ave, Harwood Heights) from 2 to 4 p.m. "Government works best when it's driven by concerns and input from constituents," Martwick said. "I look forward to meeting new people and having a lively conversation about the needs of our communities."

To facilitate an open, ongoing dialogue with the people of the 10th District, Martwick has committed to regularly visiting towns across the district to meet with constituents and answer their questions as part of a program he's calling "Capitol on Your Corner."