The students of two major universities of Kazakhstan were trained at the Library of Elbassy. 50 students of South Kazakhstan state University and East Kazakhstan University attended lectures on the program "Ruhani Zhangyru: the way to the future". The meeting ended with a two-day seminar with a well-known financial expert, managing director of the Astana International Financial Center Yernur Rysmagambetov.

For the first time, Akmaral Musa, a third-year student of the East Kazakhstan University is in Astana. Her acquaintance with the capital began with one of the most iconic objects of the city - the Nazarbayev Center. During two days of visiting the Library of Elbassy, the girl learned a lot about how the capital was built, how the state was formed, and how Kazakhstan is developing now. Sharing her impressions of the lecture, Akmaral gives an example of the nuances of her future profession - the construction of highways.

- "Ruhani Zhangyru: the way to the future" is the same road map, in the construction of which the smallest detail is important. For example, highways are laid using hot asphalt. It is brought in dump trucks in the "freshly baked" form, and workers  must surface a road quickly and efficiently. The slightest deviation or error ... and the whole process will have to restart from the beginning. In my opinion, the same is true of the programs of the President. A clear, quick, professional fulfilment of tasks is a guarantee that the goals will be achieved. And in the end, we all have one goal - the growth of well-being, the increase in incomes and the quality of life of Kazakhstani people", - says Akmaral Musa.

The announcement of 2019 as the Year of Youth Akmaral called the time of new names, new opportunities and breakthroughs.

- Youth issues are always on the agenda, but many of them still remain open. I really hope that now at such a high level the problems of youth will be solved.

A guest of the Library, a member of the Board of the Astana International Financial Center, and Managing Director Yernur Rysmagambetov told how to set goals and achieve them. A graduate of the California Institute of Technology, who received knowledge from the Nobel laureates, urged young people to be more courageous and not to fix on minor failures. Much of what happened seemed impossible, but faith in yourself, in your own strength always leads to success.

Concluding the two-day seminar, the Deputy Director of the Library, candidate of historical sciences Botagoz Kaipova thanked Ernur Rysmagambetov for the meeting and wished the students success in their studies. Each student received a personal certificate of training in the Library of the First President of Kazakhstan.

By the way, the last seminar was the final one in 2018. In total, since 2015, 136 training seminars have been held in the Elbassy Library, the participants of which were about seven thousand people.