“It is a pity that you get to this training only once. I would come more than once. There is creatively explained that it is not always clear, for example, about politics, history. The desire to actively participate in the discussion woke up in me, and the meeting with the guest broadened the horizons. He is a very erudite man”. These are the words of the student of the College of Management of Nur-Sultan Gleb Dementiev. The guy was inspired by attending the seminar training “The way to the future begins with everyone” of the Library of Elbassy, whose guest was the entrepreneur, geneticist Bolat Sultankulov. 


Gleb - a person known in the sports world. At 18 years old, he is a three-time karate champion of Kazakhstan, Thai boxing bronze medalist of Kazakhstan, bronze medalist of Spartakiad, a two-time city champion on Thai boxing. Sport is his passion, probably therefore the Hall of Olympic Glory admired him most of all in the building of the Nazarbayev Centre. 

The gloves of Serik Sapiyev, the belt of Gennady Golovkin - these are real values, it is a symbol of self-belief, perseverance and victory. The best students and pupils from all regions of the country come to the Library of Elbassy every week. In addition to lectures and trainings, young people receive information about the modern world from its explorers – participants of the project “100 new faces of Kazakhstan”. Today the hero of the meeting was Bolat Sultankulov - a graduate of the “Bolashak” program, an entrepreneur, a geneticist, winner of the award of the Foundation for the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Elbassy, winner of the “100 New Persons of Kazakhstan” project in the “Business” nomination.

The guest told the youth about how modern technologies are saving the lives of millions of people, which is surprising medicine now, and how it can become in the near future. Tissue, genetic engineering, stem cells, genetic passport, robots - the achievements of science have gone far ahead, much like fantasy, but this is already a reality. It was evident that the speech of the scientist is very interested future economists, lawyers and educators.

Elnaz Kalibek - 1st year student of the College of Management and Business of Nur-Sultan. She plans to devote herself to pedagogy. She says that at the lecture in the Library of Elbassy she gained a lot of skills that will certainly be useful in the future. First of all, this is the ability to interest the listener, “to occupy” his attention.

–The lecturers of Library tell so much information. To be honest, not always, for example, our boys even sit during the lesson and listen. Here we were absorbed in what we heard and saw in these two days. Bolat Mukhtarovich surprised by the fact that now grade 4 cancer is successfully treated. I also learned that if a person weighs 65 kilograms, 5 of them are the weight of bacteria alone contained in our body!

They listened, read, learned, were surprised - another stream of young people received knowledge in the Library of Elbassy. A certificate and a book “Our President” received each of the students. The deputy director of the Library of Elbassy, candidate of historical sciences Botagoz Kaipova thanked for participating in the meeting and presented Bolat Sultankulov the book “Nursultan Nazarbayev. Biography”.