The new issue of the project "Book collections of the Library of Elbassy" introduces readers to the works of Kazakh authors - our contemporaries, which recently supplemented the book fund of the Library of Elbassy.

Among the new books received by the Library of Elbassy, the works of writer, folklorist, ethnographer Bayakhmet Zhumabayuly published in 2018.

Bayakhmet Zhumabayuly is a member of the society of folklorists and writers ' Union of China. The scientist is known for his work in archaeology and ethnography: "Dala taǵylymdary", "Arystyń alyptary", "Zárýge dárý", "Aqyt ata", "Kenіshtі kent", "Izǵutty batyr", "Otarbaı jyraý".

The author presented three books to Elbassy with an inscription: "Dear Nursultan Abishevich! Your role in the history of Kazakhstan will always remain in the heart of every citizen of Kazakhstan!"

In the book "Balbals and mausoleums", the author presented his research on ancient Turkic monuments. B. Zhumabayuly also describes the ancient way of life, traditions, and culture of nomads. From the book of folklorist "Talking rocks", you can learn about the connection of cave paintings with the philosophy of the ancient inhabitants of the steppes of Kazakhstan. In the third edition of "World of ornament" ethnographer examines the origin, images, and motifs, the value of more than three hundred Kazakh national ornaments and their relationship with the mentality and beliefs of the Kazakh people.

Publications will be useful to specialists in the field of history, ethnography, philosophy, cultural studies, and art history.

Among the new arrivals of literature is the seven-volume edition of Galim Kudaibergenov, the author of many scientific works, as well as several documentary books. Doctor of agricultural sciences, Professor G. Kudaibergenov was not only regularly published in the journal "Niva" but also he was a member of its editorial board.

The collected works of G. Kudaibergenov, also published last year, consists of seven books: "Mongolia through the eyes of a nomad", "Roads that choose us", "Sign of the time", "His Majesty Chance", "Popular lectures", "Who are You, "Alash-Orda"? A century later", "Nostalgia". The collection is characterized by a variety of genres of narrative, you find here travel essays, journalism, essays, scientific articles, lectures, memoirs, novel-chronicle, short stories, and philosophical reflections. All books are devoted to people of work, wise, loving the native land. A review of one of G. Kudaibergenov's books was written by a famous Kazakh journalist, author of books, academician of the Academy of journalism of Kazakhstan, a member of the club of chief editors and a member of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan Alexander Tarakov.

"Galeke is an enthusiastic writer, a born master of detail. Firstly, he who knows how to see it, to see in the mosaic of ordinary things, and secondly, he is strong to isolate it from the common row and show it clearly", - writes A. Tarakov.