Book collections, historical exhibits, and photographs - today students of the capital's College of Finance Academy got acquainted with the collection of the Library of Elbassy. In the course of the tour, students also saw documents with personal notes of the First President of Kazakhstan, which are a unique evidence of the formation of an independent state.

In each exposition of the Library of Elbassy there are special components, which are bright accents. Anticipating a big interest and questions from visitors, Library guides always build a certain route through the Library's halls. For future financiers, most interesting today was the exhibition of books-gifts to the First President of Kazakhstan signed by personalities of politics, culture, arts, and sports.

- Here you can see the books that Elbassy received as a gift from Xi Jinping, Lee Kuan Yew, Donald Trump, and many other leaders and prominent figures of our time. They express their respect to Nursultan Abishevich for his high level of professionalism and contribution to the development of Kazakhstan and all mankind. Our country is an example in many ways, and I think we should be proud of it", says Inkar Mergen, a first-year student of the Financial Academy College.

Their teacher Alma Abilkasimova believes that visiting the Library is a very important aspect of the education of today's youth. The history of the state, the most important facts in the annals of independence, the contribution of Elbassy, his perseverance, confidence, and wisdom in making strategic decisions – all this in an interesting presentation, supported by photos and archival documents - can not be found in school textbooks.

- It is important for our children to understand the degree of responsibility that Elbassy has been bearing all these years as the founder of independent Kazakhstan. Students of our College and all other universities should learn the basics of leadership, self-expression, decency and follow the example of Nursultan Nazarbayev in how to love our country and work for its benefit. This is especially valuable for them as future financiers – the principles of honor and dignity should be in the first place. The history of our independence is full of bright examples of selflessness and they serve as a guide for development for our society, A. Abilkhasenova said.