It is a good tradition of the Library of Elbassy to hold visiting museum lessons from the series "Exhibits have spoken..." in pre-school institutions of the capital. On February 14, the lesson "My family tree is a part of the genealogy of our country" was held in kindergarten № 5 "Akbota". The lesson was held in the form of an "ABC guide" through the halls of the Museum of the Library of Elbassy. "ABC guide" is a unique combination of games and educational excursions, during which children get acquainted with the bright pages of national history and amazing museum exhibits.

Field trips, conducted in the form of quests, help to see the museum exhibits in a new way, to feel its unusual atmosphere. The use of various innovative methodological approaches made it possible to turn the lesson into an interesting journey, expand the horizons of children, and introduce them to new types of creative activities. The competitive basis of the lesson significantly increased the interest and motivation of young participants.


During the lesson, the children got acquainted with the Institute of batyrism, as well as the biography of Karasai Batyr. The kids actively participated in the theatrical ceremony of blessing the batyrs for feats of arms. Special attention was paid to the traditional types of Kazakh military weapons - "bes qarý". The lesson, conducted in such an unusual form, the most important component of which was the tactile method of teaching, aroused the interest of both children and educators.

Mayra Elyubayeva, methodist of kindergarten № 5 "Akbota":

– This is a great example of a master class for preschool employees. Extraordinary and methodically well-structured lessons allow you to raise the patriotic education of the younger generation to a completely new level – through quizzes, theatrical performances, and quests. The use of tactile methods is very important for children of this age. It is great that children can not only see but also touch the most unique historical artifacts with their own hands. We can say that children have touched the history of their native country. I want to express my gratitude to the management and employees of the Library of Elbassy for such a meaningful and informative event, for the great pleasure that you gave to our children.