Kazakhstan as a country of the Great steppe is of lively interest for cultural scientists and historians of France. Counselor of Elbassy for Culture and Cooperation of the French Embassy in Kazakhstan Laure Casten told this during her visit to the Library. Mrs. Casten noted that with great pleasure she studies the history of the Kazakh state, especially the period of the XIX-XX centuries.

- I am in Kazakhstan for the first time. I have been working here for five months on issues of cooperation and cultural activities between our countries. Today I visited the unique building of the Nazarbayev Center and plunged into the history of the state. At the Elbassy Library I was very impressed by the exposition with the awards of President Nursultan Nazarbayev. Here it is necessary to go slowly, literally getting a grasp of each exhibit, each of which has an interesting story, – said Laura Casten.  

The representative of France also stressed that today business and cultural relations between Kazakhstan and France are at a good level, but it is necessary to deepen them, especially in the field of education and tourism.

- The first thing I tell my family and friends about Kazakhstan is the incredible hospitality of the Kazakh people, the ability to receive guests, smiling and broad good nature. In addition, Kazakhstan for me is Abay. His works conquer by the depth of philosophy of life. Every evening I send my friends photos about Kazakhstan. This is perhaps one of the fastest ways to promote the culture and traditions of the people. And it is so exciting that all my family and friends now really want to visit Kazakhstan.