Thematic tours are an opportunity to plunge into the world of historical facts, events, unique artifacts and memorabilia, archival photos and documents. Guides of the Library of Elbassy tell in detail about the most important historical stages of the formation of the independence of the state, based on thematic expositions from the book and museum collections. Today, students of the school № 77 of Nur-Sultan received an opportunity to touch the history of Kazakhstan.


The excursion on the theme "Baiterek - the cradle of peace and harmony" was conducted by Botagoz Ayapbergenova, an expert of the Excursion Service. The main emphasis was made on the development of the modern capital of Kazakhstan - the city of Nur-Sultan. Interesting facts about the main attraction – Baiterek aroused great interest among the children. The building is one of the main symbols of the city, it is rightfully in the center of attention not only of Kazakhstan citizens but also of foreign guests. 

A thematic tour is also an aid for children who love history as a subject. In the course of communication with the Library employees, children get a lot of additional information, various facts, which are not found in standard textbooks.

Doskhan Dosmaganbet, a student of the 7th grade of the school № 77: 

– Many things will be remembered, especially thanks to the quiz. It was very exciting. Many facts, of course, we were taught in the classroom, but to see real archival documents with personal notes of Nursultan Nazarbayev is even more interesting.




Aziza Mynshamurat, a student of the 7th grade of the school № 77:    

- History is made here. We saw exhibits, photographs that as a reflection of life itself, of our history tell what outstanding people have contributed to making the capital what it is. I am proud of the city that Elbassy created. Kazakhstan has become known all over the world