More than 73 thousand people from fifty countries are in one of the provinces of Syria waiting for the slightest opportunity to return home. Оnly four States are making every effort to rescue their compatriots from captivity and return them home. Advisor to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Erlan Karin told about this future journalists and political scientists from the L. N. Gumilyov Eurasian national University, as well as students of the Polytechnic College of Nur Sultan. A well-known Kazakh political and public figure has become a guest of the "Media Meiman" project оf the Elbassy Library. 

One of the most experienced Kazakh experts in the field of anti-terrorist activities Erlan Karin is an active participant, consultant of operation "Zhussan", thanks to which hundreds of Kazakhstanis return from the combat zone in Syria, and these are whole families – children and women. 

During the May holidays, the Kazakh special services undertook a second special operation on the return of people, the first was held in January. Erlan Karin told about what is happening with those who returned from Syria.

– First of all, of course, they are provided with medical care.  Many children with terrible injuries. One girl is two years old and she is an orphan. She lost three fingers in the explosion. I gave her a bottle of water, and she took a sip, did not even finish it, although it was clear that very thirsty. Because she already trained save water, after all there, in thrall to, they lived virtually without food, food and even shelter. We had to try very hard to calm her down and explain that she was in a peaceful society.

As the speaker noted, many of the returned women already go to courses to get the simplest skills, get a job in the service sector, and start life again.

– More than 73 thousand people from fifty countries are waiting for the chance to return home in one of the Syrian provinces. Only a few can help their compatriots. Among them, Kazakhstan, which exports hundreds of people... This cannot afford any of the countries, because they are all involved in conflicts with each other. And Kazakhstan, which has managed to establish a peaceful dialogue with all States, is taking such a step, and more than once, – said Erlan Karin, who also said that experts of Human Rights Watch – the most significant human rights organization in the world based in the United States give a high assessment to the actions of Kazakhstan.

During the meeting, a lot of questions were raised, to which the speaker tried to give exhaustive answers. Students were also interested in Erlan Karin's friendly relations with one of the most famous Hollywood actors Jackie Chan. Idea to invite the famous hero of blockbusters appeared in 2017 during the EXPO in the capital of Kazakhstan. Amazing and a good Erlan Tynymbayevich the fact that the consent to a visit from the legendary Jackie Chan managed to get in just two weeks, that is simply unrealistic in the world of celebrity. 

– Jackie Chan was originally planned to participate in one event, but in fact there were several of them. Outstanding person is outstanding in everything. He gladly responded to all invitations. Moreover, he was delighted with the Kazakh nature, which can serve as a great location for the filming of films of any genre. We had an idea to make a joint movie, the script is already being worked out, and I hope that very soon, we will start working; – the guest of the “Media Мeyman” project shared his creative plans.     

In his speech, the Director of the Elbassy Library, doctor of political Sciences, Professor Amerkhan Rakhimzhanov thanked Erlan Karin for the meeting and communication with young people. He presented the guest with memorable gifts – the book "Nursultan Nazarbayev. Biography" and a photo album about the Nazarbayev Centre, praised the activities of E. Karin in the field of counter-terrorism.

– Succumbing to religious fanatics, in the midst of war, people learn the true essence of terror. However, even going back, some of the citizens continue to carry terrorist ideas, with the intention to spread them on the Kazakh land. Identification of such elements, work with them, return to normal human development is possible only thanks to highly professional, experienced professionals, such as Erlan Karin, – said A. Rakhimzhanov.        

At the end of the meeting, the political scientist noted that there are still about 300 Kazakh women and children in Syria, and therefore the work of Kazakhstan's special services will certainly continue. "No child should remain in the war zone in Syria. This is our future, for the development and prosperity of which all measures will be taken on our part," concluded Erlan Karin.