In the Library of Elbassy continues a decade of themed tours. Every day in the building of the Nazarbayev Center, students in the capital get new knowledge about the history of the country's main city and the entire state. In the course of communication with the Library staff, the children expand their horizons, learning historical facts not only about Kazakhstan but also the life and work of the First President of the country.

Today, the employees of the Excursion Service of the Library Zhanat Zhumakhmetova and Kumar Zhunusov gave an informative tour for students of 9th grades of the school No. 83, Nur-Sultan.  As part of the book exhibition "Leader recognized by the world", they told about the achievements of Elbassy at the world level, about his activities aimed at strengthening the foreign policy and international authority of Kazakhstan. The main postulate of the policy pursued by the First President has always been the preservation of peace and harmony in the country.

The children also saw a lot of interesting and important things in the tour of the hall "N. Nazarbayev - the leader of the global anti-nuclear movement". For the first time, the exhibition fully presents the entire range of archival materials, museum exhibits, and books from the collections of the Elbassy Library, as well as the results of comprehensive research and collection work of its employees. A special place in the exhibition is occupied by the international awards of N.Nazarbayev, which were awarded for his contribution to the cause of nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation. A distinctive feature of the exhibition is its multimedia and interactivity. The main line of the hall is the image of the "Moebius ribbon", which means the continuous flow of time, which undergoes drastic changes in critical epochs. Students watched here the documentary "Leader of change". 

- Thematic excursions started on January 14, with the beginning of a new school term. Excursions are held both in the building of the Museum of the Library of Elbassy, and in the Nazarbayev Center. I think this is very valuable as part of the curriculum for schoolchildren. The main goal of these events is to promote the achievements of Kazakhstan, of the First President - Elbassy, and to instill patriotism in the younger generation. Within the excursion decade, we reveal in detail such topics as "The Leader recognized by the world", "N.Nazarbayev - the leader of the global anti-nuclear movement", "In the heart of Eurasia", "Baiterek - a symbol of peace and harmony". In addition to the excursions themselves, the children are shown documentaries, quizzes are organized, said Janat Zhumakhmetova, an expert at the Excursion Service.