On October 9, as part of the implementation of the Scientific and Educational Program of the Library of Elbassy, an online museum lesson was held from the cycle "Exhibits started talking...."

A researcher of the Department of Social, Humanitarian and Educational Projects Sayagul Zhakupova conducted a fascinating online lesson for pupils of kindergarten No. 35 "Ertegi" on the topic "My family tree is a particle of the genealogy of my country".

The lesson took place in the form of an "ABC guide" in the halls of the Museum of the Library of Elbassy. The "ABC guide" is a unique combination of the game and an educational excursion, during which children are acquainted with bright pages of domestic history.

"In the course of the lesson, the kids in an entertaining game form have become acquainted with the institution of batyrism, as well as with the new concept "genealogy". The kids pieced together a jigsaw puzzle, learned to analyze the picture, and trained voluntary attention, logical thinking and fine motor skills of fingers," said Lyazzat Galimzhanovna, head of the kindergarten, thanking for the lesson and expressing hope for further cooperation with the Library of Elbassy.