The meeting was attended by members of the Bureau of the Political Council, government, factions from the Mazhilis and Maslikhat, leaders of the regional branches of the party and their deputies, representatives of primary party organizations. 

In accordance with the agenda, the extended meeting discussed the implementation of the party's election program and the decisions of the Congresses, the main directions of the party reset and the issue of making changes to the Bureau of the Political Council.

After hearing the speakers of the meeting, the President noted the important role of the party in the consolidation of society to achieve the strategic goals of the country.

Nursultan Nazarbayev highlighted the results of reforms in the electoral legislation, stressing that the adopted proportional model is fully consistent with the best world practice and contributes to the development of democracy.

- The party has to work, offer concrete solutions to problems, then there will be both authority, and support from the population. It is necessary to draw lessons from the experience of countries that are leaders, both in the economy and in the field of political development, - said the First President of Kazakhstan.

The Chairman of the Nur Otan party once again reminded all those present that the upcoming elections would be held in the constitutional term.

- Now is the time when the Government and the entire executive branch should roll up sleeves and solve specific problems of people, fulfilling the election promises of the Nur Otan party and the elected President Kassym-Zhomart Kemelevich Tokaev. First of all, it is necessary to work closely in the regions, directly with people, - said the President.

During his speech, the First President of Kazakhstan proposed a program of systemic party reset "Trust. Dialogue. Confidence in the future - 7 impulses of Nur Otan party."

Thus, within the framework of the proposed program, Elbassy instructed to take measures to consolidate active members of the party, strengthen the fight against corruption and "purge the ranks" of the party itself, maximize the potential of the party bodies at all levels, increase party responsibility at all levels of government.

- The work of the party faction in the Mazhilis should be seriously strengthened. It is the main mechanism of realization of party tasks and influence on executive bodies. To raise the status of the Faction, I propose to elect as its head Nurlan Nigmatulin Zeinullayevich, Chairman of the Mazhilis. As the speaker of the Mazhilis, he will be able to mobilize all resources to solve the tasks and reshape the work of the Faction, - said the President.  

In addition, Nursultan Nazarbayev proposed to introduce a clear stratum-oriented principle of working with the population, build assertive information and ideological policy and take measures to unite young people around the party.

- Today, in the "new" media the number of channels distorting reality is growing. Local, minor problems scale to the national level. An alternative reality is being formed in the public consciousness. "Nur Otan" should radically reconsider its information strategy. Party mass media should become a source of objective and operative information, inspire confidence among people, - the Chairman of party told.

At the same time, the First President of Kazakhstan spoke about the economic problems facing the country today and proposed new measures to ensure stable growth.

In particular, the President proposed to introduce a mechanism of tax stimulation of the economy by reducing the tax burden for business.

- It is also necessary to revise the budget policy. Public procurement is the most non-transparent and corrupt sphere. About 65 percent of public procurement at the amount of 1.8 trillion tenge was carried out from one source. It is necessary to change the law on public procurement, Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

In addition, the First President of Kazakhstan noted the importance of implementing active trade policy and taking measures to ensure the stability of the financial sector.

- Artificial intelligence is now coming to the fore. Its introduction in all spheres of life is comparable in scale to the discovery of uranium fission. Artificial intelligence is transforming all industries without exception: from healthcare to industry and the financial sector. The new world order driven by artificial intelligence will define new global leaders and outsiders. Therefore we have to take large-scale and system measures in its support, - the Chairman of the party told.

Nursultan Nazarbayev proposed to create a legislative framework that will contribute to the full development of artificial intelligence, as well as to form an ecosystem of entrepreneurial and scientific support for this industry.

- It is necessary to reshape seriously the daily work of the party. We must learn to respond to the needs of the people ahead of time, taking advantages of big data and artificial intelligence, - said Elbassy.

During the meeting, new members of the Bureau of the Political Council of the party were elected: Chairman of the Republican newspaper "Egemen Kazakhstan" D. Kydyrali and leader of the Youth Wing "Zhas Otan" D. Karibek.