In the Museum of the Library of Elbassy for students of the capital school-lyceum No. 40 was held a quest-lesson "Kazakstannyn sendik koldanbaly oneri" (Decorative and applied art of Kazakhstan).


Quest lessons, as an innovative form of classes, are widely used in the implementation of the scientific and educational program of the Museum of the Library of Elbassy since 2010. Such lessons allow us to form a set of skills of scientific and practical activity of pupils: independently analyze material and make decisions, systematize data, critically evaluate various points of view, find optimal solutions to problems, etc. Besides, quest lessons develop the ability to carry out complex scientific tasks in the team.

At the beginning of the lesson, children learned about the features and stages of the development of decorative and applied arts of Kazakhstan. Then five teams were formed, each of which received a route list and a package of tasks specially developed by the organizers. For a certain time, the teams had to go down the route and submit to the jury the results of the work done. After summing up the results of the first stage, a competition of captains took place.

The lesson was held in the form of a game and evoked a lot of positive emotions.

Mansur Rakhmanov, the pupil of the 6th-grade of the school No. 40:

- This is the first time I have had such an unusual lesson! The staff of the Library of Elbassy organized a real time travel for us. It was extremely interesting. Our team had to do several tasks. We went down the whole route and were able to find answers to all the questions. We had a friendly and active team. I am in this Museum for the first time and I like everything here.



Elmira Marina, student of 6th grade of the school №40:

- This lesson was very interesting and informative. We learned a lot about the arts and crafts of our great ancestors. The tasks were challenging and exciting. I would like to participate in such a quest once again.



Bazarkul Ospanova, teacher of Kazakh language and literature of the school No. 40:

- Quest-lesson had a great impression on all participants. Such events are a great way to consolidate the material. Children not only listen but also can see firsthand bright examples of decorative and applied arts of Kazakhs. Practical tasks on the topic of the lesson are methodically correct and taking into account the history curriculum. Children participated with great pleasure in the game. Quest lessons also form inter-subject connections. At the same time, such forms of classes can be considered as non-traditional extracurricular activities. We hope for the continuation of our cooperation and express our gratitude to the organizers of the lesson.