On September 20 in the Museum of the Library of Elbassy for students of the Polytechnic College of Nur-Sultan a lecture "Teńge – El táýelsіzdіgіnіń nyshany" was held.

The national currency of any country is one of the symbols of the state, the key basis of its economic independence, the pride of citizens. Knowledge of the history of its creation, the features of its functioning help to understand the essence of the economic development of the country.

The appeal to the history of tenge began with ancient coins found during archaeological excavations of the medieval cities of Otrar, Taraz, Suyab, etc. The audience got an idea about the etymology of the word "tenge", the history of the creation and introduction of the national currency in the first years of independence. In the course of the lecture, students also learned that according to the results of international competitions tenge was three times recognized as the most beautiful currency in the world, and had the opportunity to see the unique documents of the Personal archive of the First President.


The lecture was highly appreciated by both teachers and students of the College.

Galina Shaimerdenova, teacher of social sciences:

- The event is very informative and exciting, in an accessible form for students.

The lecturer is distinguished by laconic and competent speech.

One can feel the lecturer's interest in transmitting the main ideas to the children.

It seems to me that the objectives of the lecture were achieved. I want to express my gratitude to the organizers and the executive staff of the Library of Elbassy.





Zangar Soldatbek, 2nd-year student:

- The lecture allowed us to get acquainted with the history of the national currency.

There was a lot of new and practically useful information for us.

It was interesting to learn about the design and security features of tenge.

The lecturer answered all our questions in detail.




Sagynysh Uzbekova, 2nd-year student:

- The lecture aroused great interest because we did not get acquainted with such information earlier.

I liked the material about the activities of the Kazakhstan mint, its products.

It was nice to hear at the lecture that the tenge was recognized several times as one of the best currencies in the world in terms of design and protection.