On November 26, the National Center for professional development «Orleu» hosted a lecture by the leading research associate of the Library of Elbassy, doctor of philosophy, Professor Gaziz Telebayev on "Seven facets of the Great Steppe". Librarians of the capital’s schools attended the lecture.

"In the lecture on the basis of the article of Elbassy, seven conceptual provisions that should change our historical consciousness are considered in detail. National history begins when time and space meet in a single stream. In addition, we must remember that many cultural achievements originate in the nomadic states, and the Turkic civilization was able to harmoniously link the horse-nomadic lifestyle and highly developed urban culture", G. Telebayev said.

In the course of the lecture, he elaborated on such conceptual provisions as the culture of horsemanship and ancient metallurgy on the territory of Kazakhstan, the Golden man, and the Great Silk Road.

The audience asked a lot of questions and agreed that it is necessary to form a historical consciousness from an early age, releasing interesting historical books and creating cartoons and movies on historical topics.