Today in the museum of the Library of Elbassy a solemn admission to the party "NUR OTAN", dedicated to the Day of the First President took place. Among those who joined the ranks of the party are many young people and representatives of various professions. The popular Kazakh TV presenter Tursynbek Kabatov received his party ticket today.

Opening the event, First Deputy Chairman of the NUR OTAN party Bauyrzhan Baibek addressed the audience. He congratulated everyone on the upcoming state holiday - the Day of the First President and noted the huge contribution of Elbassy to the formation of the current dynamically growing, prosperous Kazakhstan..

"The party has been building the country under the leadership of President Nursultan Nazarbayev for 20 years. The most important thing is that borders have been strengthened, statehood has been created, and all the institutions of power have been established. Kazakhstan today is stability, unity, harmony, and development. Today you have decided to join the NUR OTAN party. And now we have almost 900 thousand people. We are all one team, we are a party of purposeful people," B. Baibek stressed.

From today, the party members include well-known media personality, actor, TV presenter, comedian Tursynbek Kabatov. He also congratulated everyone on the upcoming holiday and shared about his decision to join the country's largest party.

"Our country is actively developing today, giving every citizen the opportunity to grow and improve. We are already beginning to forget about the difficult formative years in the 90s, when we did not pay wages and did not have confidence in the future. Today, Kazakhstan is a peaceful, modern state firmly standing on its feet. This is a great achievement, which was made possible thanks to the work of Kazakhstanis under the leadership of Elbassy, the leader of the NUR OTAN party. That is why I decided to join this party," Kabatov said.  

Among those who joined "NUR OTAN" is Askar Abdykalyk - a real hero, who during the tragedy in Arys, despite the threat to his own life, took children out of the city.

"The tragedy in Arys affected thousands of families but the country responded to this grief with a single impulse. The people united and helped the residents of Arys to restore the city. Unity is a powerful force. The NUR OTAN party is also strong in its unity. I am proud to join its ranks and contribute to its development," Abdykalyk said.

Kakimov Janat is a 19-year-old businessman from the city of Petropavlovsk. He also joined the party today.

"I work from a young age and create jobs. I am very glad that it was in the Year of Youth that I decided to join the party. The opportunities for self-realization that the state gives me are available to everyone. And it is also the merit of the efforts and activities of the party "NUR OTAN".