Classmates of President Nursultan Nazarbayev visited the Library of Elbassy. Kenes Baibosynov, Kulyash Amirova, Aisha Abisheva, as well as the wife and daughter of Kasym Zhurumbayev - Banu and Dina Zhurumbayeva came from Almaty. The guests toured the expositions of the Library and shared their memories of school years. 

– We had a very good school... Like the song: school years are wonderful, with friendship, with a book, with a song - we had a very friendly class. It is not surprising that Nursultan managed to reach such heights, because he was a leader since childhood, fair, inquisitive, – recalls Kulyash Amirova. She devoted 40 years of her life to teaching. She worked as a defectologist, and then as a Director at the residential school of Shamalgan village.   

Kenes Baibosynov shared at school the same desk with Nursultan Nazarbayev. Later he became an engineer. He is the holder of the title "Hero of Labor".

- We are very pleased to visit the Library of Elbassy. We got a great impression, learned a lot of interesting facts of the political activities of Nursultan Nazarbayev. We are very proud that we studied with him, that he was able to make our country so strong. His contribution to the development of the Kazakh people, to the prosperity of Kazakhstan is difficult to overestimate. We wish him and all our people good health and success in everything, - he shared.

The widow of Kasym Zhurumbayev - another classmate of Elbassy - also arrived at the capital. Her husband died in 1991. Together with his wife Banu they raised 8 children. One of her daughters visited the Library of Elbassy.

The guests were introduced to the expositions of the Library in detail. Archival photos of childhood, the family of Nursultan Nazarbayev stroke a chord with them. On black-and-white photos, they saw familiar faces, remembered names, and stories. In memory of the visit to the Library, classmates left a record in the Book of wishes.