«Historical choice»

  On November 24 and 30, 2015 on the eve of the Day of the First President of RK the Museum of the First President of RK hold the exit excursions of the scientific-expositional project «Historical choice» for the staff of Administration of specialized security service of Astana, Scientific research institute of the National security committee of RK.      

     The exit excursions of the scientific-expositional project «Historical choice» were organized from the archival and museum funds of the Museum and opened the historical base on which are formed social, civil qualities of a person who had become the Leader of the nation during the most dramatic periods of its history. The listeners could have a look through pages of the documents of 1960-1970s, studied the newspaper articles had published in the republican press of the Kazakh SSR.
    The unique collection of various documents allowed learning a way which was passed by N. A. Nazarbayev from the Komsomol member and metallurgist to the Chairman of the Council of ministers of KazSSR, the First Secretary of Central committee of communist party of Kazakhstan, the Chairman of the Supreme Council and the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – the Leader of the Nation.
    The excursionists were interested in the exhibits from the funds of the Museum of the First President of RK – inaugural dinner jacket of the President of RK, suit and tools of metallurgist, Arabic daggers, Caucasian sabres, etc.