On November 27, 2019, as part of the decade of events on the Day of the First President of Kazakhstan for the children of kindergarten № 11 "Gaukhar" was held the museum lesson "My family tree – a piece of the ancestry of my country" from the cycle "Exhibits are talking...". According to tradition, the lesson was taught in the form of "ABC-guide" in the halls of the museum of the Library of Elbassy. "ABC-guide", developed by the staff of the Library of Elbassy, is a series of quests, which helps to see the museum in a new way, to get acquainted with the scientific content of the exposition. The tasks for young "visitors" are designed taking into account their age, psychological characteristics and a virtual visit to the museum turns for kids into a small journey. Children are happy to perform creative tasks, study museum exhibits and solve puzzles.


Museum lessons with the use of innovative approaches allow not only implementing cognitive tasks but also helps to broaden the horizons, get in touch with the beauty, the formation of a sense of patriotism.

During the lesson, the children got acquainted with the letter "B" and the Institute of batyrs. Research fellows of the Service of social and humanitarian and educational projects paid special attention to the traditional types of Kazakh military weapons - "bes qarý". Children especially liked the staging of the rite of blessing the batyrs on feats. Through game tasks, group work, children solidified the knowledge of the letter "B", learned a lot of interesting things about the Institute of batyrs and military equipment of batyrs.

With great interest, the kids listened to the history of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan in the first years of independence, learned about the role of the First President Nursultan Nazarbayev in ensuring military security of the country, its history, feats of arms of Karasai Batyr. During group work, children expressed their attitude to weapons, the country's military history. They were involved in a proactive and interesting dialogue.

Such an unusual lesson aroused the interest of both children and educators.

Anar Islamova, methodist of kindergarten No. 11 "Gauhar»:

- In terms of methodology, I would rate this event with the highest score. The employees of the Library of Elbassy demonstrated high professionalism, active application of innovative approaches, deep knowledge of history, amazing artistry and oratorical skills. Working with pre-school children is always very interesting but also very difficult. You need to be a true master of your craft in order to organize such a thematic event that is complex in terms of topics, information content, and structure.

Elena Litvinenko, teacher of kindergarten No. 11 "Gauhar»:

- Only in this way - fascinating, interesting, creative, touching - it is necessary to talk about the history of the native country and to form patriotic feelings in children. I want to express my gratitude to the leadership and employees of the Library of Elbassy for such a meaningful and informative event, for the great pleasure that you have given to our children.

Arlan Mukhamedkali, 5 years old:

- I want to be the same as our great batyrs and defend our homeland. For this lesson, I prepared a poem and we sang a song about our city "Sunny Nur-Sultan". I love my city!