On April 28 this year, Nursultan Nazarbayev and Jackie Chan met during the Elbassy's trip to Beijing, where the international forum "One belt, one road" was held. Elbassy noted the high importance of strategic cooperation between Kazakhstan and China during the conversation with the legendary Chinese actor. In this regard, Jackie Chan expressed his deep gratitude to the First President of Kazakhstan for the support and assistance in the development of cultural relations between our countries and presented his book “I am happy”.

Today the book with a personal autograph of a prominent Chinese activist replenished the Elbassy Library. The publication consists of six parts – it is the memories of a great actor who has gone from the Director of tricks of low-budget commercials to the Director and actor of box office paintings, from a poor waiter to a patron and collector of Antiques.

In the Preface to the book, Jackie Chan wrote: “Still, the world is big, but at the same time not very, or rather small, but not so close, and the whims of fate that bring people together are always unpredictable. It took three years to implement this book — from the collection of materials to publishing preparation. During this time, there were both joyful and sad events in my life. Looking back today, I realize that perhaps now is the right time to share some of my memories with you. I think by reading these short stories, the reader will be able to better understand the real me.”

One of the co-authors of the work is a close friend of the actor Zhu Mo, who tried to reveal not only the difficult, thorny path of becoming Jackie as an actor, but also many interesting and funny facts that open it from completely different sides. For example, how much money Jackie carries in his wallet, and where is his unlimited card, which you can buy at least a helicopter.

The book “I am happy” is a personal story of a delightful man who frankly told about his life, his family – wife and son, friends and colleagues, about everything that made him an amazing legend during his lifetime. This edition is for those who are not looking for easy ways and ready for difficulties in order to become happy.