The Library of the Nation's Leader has launched the second stage of the social project "Ideas changing the world". The distance course consists of 12 webinars on the theme "Independent Kazakhstan – the path of creation". The first online lesson in Kazakh and Russian languages, which was held by the leading researchers of the Library Berdagulova S. K. and Telebayev G. T., became available for our students. The course aims to support the project activities of young people, teaching them leadership skills, preparing young generation for adult life.

 In the first stage, pupil and student youth of our country arrived in Astana for a two-day seminar-trainings. Through the lectures, coaching and project activity we explained the topic "Kazakhstan's way: Mangilik El". Now the learning continues within webinars. Understanding the political philosophy of the Leader of the Nation can properly evaluate the 25 years of independence, passed by Kazakhstan, to see the victories and achievements along the way, historical and cultural heritage, – said the leading expert of Department of cultural and educational projects, moderator Cunslu Issinova.

The online training program include the methods and techniques, developing system and design thinking, that improve functional literacy. In the framework of the practical assignments, participants form a team, organize the work of the Club "Kemel El" and implement a social youth project in their region with the support of the regional institutions of the youth policy.

An example of the successful implementation by the Leader of the Nation the large-scale projects, which allowed Kazakhstan to take a worthy place in the global community, enables students to develop their understanding of Kazakhstan's way, which has withstood the test of time. Understanding the values Mangilik El, which unite all Kazakhstanis and constitute the foundation for the future of the country, occurs, including, through its own project activities. The students discover and realize their "Creator" potential, learn to contribute to the development of the country, city, district, to take an active civil position, to join forces to solve the pressing problems facing the Kazakhstani youth.

In the process of learning is constantly the connection with the audience: questions, projects, assignments, etc.

It should be noted, the social project "Ideas changing the world" is available from October 2015. More than 4 thousand people already took part in the two-day training seminar.