11th Gabala International Music Festival comes to the end

               The 11th Gabala International Music Festival, held with the organizational support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, supported by the Culture Ministry and Gilan Holding, successfully came to the end on August 5. Having turned into a nice tradition, this festival could this time draw the attention of the music world to Gabala, by its grandeur. Started on July 31, continuing for six days, this music holiday was joined by world-renowned conductors, eminent musicians, and orchestras from Russia, Israel, USA, Italy, Switzerland, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, China and Turkey, as well as well-known musical bands from Azerbaijan.

The Heydar Aliyev Foundation delivers sacrificed animal shares to low-income families

Following the initiative of First Vice-president of the Republic of Azerbaijan, President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva, sacrificed animal shares were delivered to low-income families on the occasion of Gurban Holiday.

Opening of the 1st Azerbaijan Grape and Wine Festival gets underway

On August 30, opening of the 1st Azerbaijan Grape and Wine Festival took place in Meysari village of Shamakhy district.

The festival is held with the support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, enjoying joint organizational support from the Agriculture Ministry, the Shamakhy District Executive Authority, the Regional Development Public Association, and the National Carpet Museum of Azerbaijan. The project aims at promoting local grape and wine production, boosting wine producers’ export potential, and delivering the history of wine production in Azerbaijan to the public.

To the Day of Knowledge. Five books about schoolchildren and for schoolchildren

The Presidential Library of the Republic of Belarus, as one of the leading libraries in our country, is aimed at an older audience, but this does not mean that its extensive collection does not contain a couple, or even more books, that can interest even the most restless kid.

By the International Day of Knowledge and the beginning of the new school year, we bring to your attention five books about schoolchildren and for schoolchildren. These books will allow your child not only to spend a couple of boring evenings, but also you to plunge into the long-forgotten atmosphere of school classes and corridors, to relive children's feelings and emotions and to remember your school mates and joint adventures.

Max Welch Guerra: «The architectural heritage of Europe is in Yekaterinburg»

On July 31, a lecture by Professor Max Welch Guerra of the Weimar University Bauhaus was held at the Yeltsin Center as part of the exhibition «How Soviet power was built».

Max Welch Guerra is a professor at the Bauhaus University of Weimar, a leading history expert at the Bauhaus school, and director of the Bauhaus Institute for Theory and History of Architecture and Planning.

The lecture of Max Welch Guerra became a big event for the architectural community of Yekaterinburg: students, architectural historians, acting architects gathered in the hall of the educational center. There were no empty seats and many listened to the lecture standing behind the back rows of chairs.

Bookcrossing: the new life of books

Presidential Center of B.N.Yeltsin supported the creation of the CLEVERBOOK Open Library in the public space of Yekaterinburg. In July, a strict elegant bookcase with books appeared next to the largest sandbox in the city and the first nominal bench of Naina Yeltsin.

Zalina Marshenkulova: “A woman who considers herself a personality is a feminist”

On July 28, Zalina Marshenkulova, the host of the Women's Power telegram channel, the creator of the Breaking Mad website, and the participant of the #Nivkakieramki campaign, spoke at the Yeltsin Center. She spoke to an audience about feminism.

Museum Night - Night Japan Photo Exhibition

In the Round Hall of the Yeltsin Center in the framework of the festival «Week of Japanese Arts» on August 5, a photo exhibition by Maria Golomidova «Night in Japan» was opened.

Kirill Martynov - about censorship on the Internet and labels of unfreedom

The Internet was conceived as a space of absolute freedom, but does it remain so now? Kirill Martynov, associate professor at the Higher School of Economics and editor of the Novaya Gazeta policy department, tried to formulate the answer to this question in his lecture on August 25 at the Yeltsin Center's Media Hall. The performance took place as part of the lecture series «Internet and Freedom».

The «Triumphal Way» of the railway engineer-general Pavel Melnikov

215 years ago, on August 3, 1804, Pavel Petrovich Melnikov was born, a talented engineer, the first head of the Ministry of Railways of the Russian Empire. On the eve of the Day of the Railway Worker, which is celebrated on the first Sunday of August, the Presidential Library has the opportunity to talk about a prominent theoretician and practice of railway business, using the rich possibilities of his fund.

Seventh Symphony - a musical symbol of the blockade of Leningrad

77 years ago, on August 9, 1942, the famous Seventh (Leningrad) symphony of Dmitry Dmitrievich Shostakovich (1906–1975) was first performed in besieged Leningrad. One of the most important artistic works of Russian culture of the 20th century has become a musical symbol of the blockade of Leningrad, the stamina and courage of the city’s defenders. The Presidential Library’s electronic fund contains a digitized handwritten score of the symphony, the original of which is stored in the music library of the St. Petersburg Radio House.

On the anniversary of I.M.Sechenov: The Presidential Library introduces the life and work of a famous physiologist

August 13, 2019 marks the 190th anniversary of the birth of Ivan Mikhailovich Sechenov, a natural scientist, the founder of a Russian physiological scientific school, a rationalist thinker who turned physiology into an exact science and clinical discipline. The Presidential Library offers to get acquainted with the main milestones of the scientific path of the scientist-innovator, who managed to bring so much to the development of Russian medicine.

Routes of N.M. Przhevalsky

At the webinar "N. M. Przhevalsky and other Central Asian scholars” readers and employees of Russian libraries were told about one of the greatest Russian travelers.

The total length of the routes of Nikolai Mikhailovich Przhevalsky (1839–1888) through Central Asia exceeds 31 thousand kilometers! The result of the expeditions of the researcher was a rich zoological collection, including about 7.5 thousand exhibits. Przhevalsky has the honor of discovering several new species of animals: a wild camel, a brown bear, a wild horse, later named after the scientist, etc.

The Battle of Kursk - in the memories of Soviet generals and marshals

76 years ago, on August 23, 1943, one of the largest and most bloody battles of the Great Patriotic War and the Second World War the Battle of Kursk or Kursk Battle ended. A part of the materials of the electronic collection "Memory of the Great Victory" on the Presidential Library's portal, which includes official documents, photo and newsreels, wartime newspapers, books, testimonies of the participants of the events, is dedicated to it.

Heroes beyond oblivion: 80 years ago the Second World War began

September 1, 2019 marks the 80th anniversary of the most terrible and brutal war in the modern history of mankind - the Second World War...

In 1939, the countries of the Nazi bloc, the so-called «axis», Italy and Japan, led by Germany, crossed the border not only geographically, invading the territory of other states, but also morally, destroying thousands of innocent people. Evidence and detailed description of military events can be found in the electronic collection of the Presidential Library. These are copies of rare documents, books, letters, audio and video recordings, photos.

LBJ Library Loans Rivera’s Gray Bowl to National Gallery

AUSTIN, TEXAS. – Robert Faires of reported that «when the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., was looking for artwork to include in its exhibition «The Cubist Paintings of Diego Rivera: Memory, Politics, Place,» it came calling on Austin. Seems the LBJ Library and Museum had a fine example in its head-of-state gift collection: a 1915 oil painting titled Still Life With Gray Bowl that Mexican President Gustavo Díaz Ordaz presented to Johnson during his presidency.

The LBJ Presidential Library is celebrating its namesake’s birthday on Tuesday

LBJ would have turned 111 on Tuesday. Event includes blood drive. Free birthday cake.

Lyndon B. Johnson was born on August 27, 1908. He would have turned 111 years old on Tuesday.

To celebrate, the LBJ Library will have free admission, free birthday cake and refreshments Tuesday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

August Lunch & Learn: Immigration in Kansas

ABILENE, Kan. – Immigration in Kansas will be the topic of the next Lunch & Learn program at the Eisenhower Presidential Library & Museum.

The program is scheduled to begin at noon on Thursday in the Eisenhower Presidential Library Visitors Center Auditorium, 200 SE 4th, in Abilene. The program is open to the public at no charge and a light lunch is included on a first-come, first-served basis.

Matthew Sanderson, associate professor of sociology at Kansas State University, will connect trends in the benefits and challenges that communities face when new people move in. The social processes of integrating new cultures into our increasingly shared space will be examined.


Loeries 6-in-a-row for Ogilvy

Ogilvy South Africa celebrated its sixth consecutive Grand Prix at the 2019 Loerie Awards, the region's largest advertising festival. Continuing its remarkable winning streak, Ogilvy once again took home the show's highest accolade. This year the award went to Ogilvy Johannesburg for the 'Shave to remember' campaign for Philips and The Nelson Mandela Foundation. The campaign spread positive messages about Nelson Mandela's legacy - through his unique haircut - in the centenary year celebrating and honoring his life. All whilst raising funds for The Nelson Mandela Foundation.

Obama Foundation Selects First President

Former Deputy National Security Advisor for International Economics and Deputy Director of the National Economic Council Adewale “Wally” Adeyemo will join The Obama Foundation in Chicago as its first president.

Adeyemo will manage the foundation’s day-to-day operations, helping to implement the organization’s overall strategic goals and vision. During the past several years, the Obama Foundation, in Chicago, has grown from a staff of a dozen to nearly 200 and launched a number of programs to support the next generation of leaders making positive change in their communities.