In the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Leader of the Nation (building of «Nazarbayev centre») is continued the thematic fund exhibition from the collection of carpets and tapestries, dedicated to the Day of establishment of the Institute of presidency in Kazakhstan.

For the first time at the exposition is presented the unique collection of carpet goods and fine arts from the museum collection of the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Leader of the Nation. At different times they were presented to N. A. Nazarbayev from the heads of states and governments, ambassadors, delegations of foreign countries and people of Kazakhstan. The exhibits of the collection let us see the geography of the diplomatic contacts of the Republic of Kazakhstan and high reputation of the country under the leadership of the First President of Kazakhstan.

At the exposition you can see the beautiful samples of subject and Persian carpets, look at samples of Turkmenian, Azerbaijan, Afghan carpet weaving schools.

The work of the famous Egyptian master Zekhni called "Carpet Bazaar" is very interesting. On the subject carpet is depicted the oriental carpet market. In the foreground are several men. They admire a new piece of carpet art. The seller skillfully narrates the history of this carpet: who weaved this carpet, how it was made, where it was brought from. Carpet lovers can’t hide their delight. People pictured in the background, just can’t take their eyes off the carpet and listen to the seller's story with attention.

On the carpet are clear contours of courtyard and people. There are carpets on the wall and on the ground. The courtyard is colourful, started with the clothes of people in which red, blue, black and white colours predominate, and finished with a brick wall of the house. Checkered light and shade reveals the volumes and local colour of the objects. The courtyard is warmer; it seems to absorb the colour of brick-washed walls. The master showed with great skill the atmosphere and light falling at the left. The characters feel themselves comfortably and confidently. Their figures, poses and movements are precisely interrelated with the space. The space doesn’t dissolve the figures in itself and they don't dominate over it.

Red, white and blue colours reach a great sonority. Increased brightness of the light and richness of colour give this everyday scene a festive character.