"If you have a chance to visit the capital of Kazakhstan, I advise you to visit the museum of the Library of the First President of Kazakhstan. Today I read the history textbook about the formation of modern Kazakhstan once again, feeling the scope of the work done by Elbassy", Yerzhan Raykhanov, a student of the Shakarim State University of Semey, wrote on his personal page on the social network. Today he is together with his classmates and students of Zhetysu State University named after I. Zhansugurov from Taldykorgan received a certificate of completion of a two-day training seminar of the Library of Elbassy.

The training seminar "The way to the future begins with everyone" gave the opportunity to students of Kazakh universities to learn in detail about the strategic initiatives of the First President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, which have received recognition around the world. First, these are steps aimed at ensuring global security in the world. Today, the peacekeeping ideas of Elbassy provide an opportunity to establish bridges of cooperation between the countries, giving the opportunity to sit at the negotiating table to implacable opponents. These are unprecedented cases in today's international community that will no doubt go down in the history books.

"It is human nature to love and be loved. All the laws of our state speak of freedom. We are free in everything: in freedom of speech, religion, in choosing where and when to live, where to work and where to relax, where to go, what to do, in what institution to study and much more. Elbassy managed to build a state where children have a happy childhood, in which there are no tears of war. Kazakhstan has risen thanks to a strong leader," Yerzhan Raykhanov from Semey shared his opinion.

The current participants of the seminar were lucky enough to visit the Library of Elbassy during the decade of events dedicated to the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. As part of the Film Week today, they watched the film "Fiery River" from the film epic "Way of the Leader"


At the end of the training, students received certificates of completion of the training course "The way to the future begins with everyone" and gifts. Deputy Director of the Library of Elbassy, candidate of historical sciences Botagoz Kaipova addressed the youth. In her speech, she focused the students' attention on the achievements of the Republic, noting that this is the result of daily and patient work of Elbassy and all the people of Kazakhstan. 

"Today, our country has a strong place in the international arena. As Elbassy said, much remains to be done on the path of development, on the path to the top 30 countries of the world. And just like the First President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, all of us, looking at you - our active and promising youth - are confident that with continued efforts Kazakhstan will boldly become one of the leaders of the new world," B. Kaipova stressed.