In the Museum of the Library of Elbassy within a course "Exhibits talk ..." the lesson-excursion "Electoral system in the Republic of Kazakhstan" took place. The participants of the unusual lesson were students of the 10th-grade of the capital school-gymnasium No. 83. The lesson was held in the Mazhilis Hall, which presents the exhibition "The Republic of Kazakhstan: the formation of the state and the definition of development strategy" reflecting the main directions of socio-economic and political development of modern Kazakhstan.


The lesson was devoted to the most important political event of the country - the election of the President of Kazakhstan. The students got acquainted with the peculiarities of the electoral system and the election campaign in our country. In the course of the lesson, unique authentic items used at the inauguration ceremony were presented to the participants of the event. Archival documents, photos, videos allowed to study the topic more deeply.

The practical part of the lesson was held in the form of a game-presentation "Election of the President of the school". The students elected the President of the school who was to present their election program and a team of confidants. In a secret ballot, the students determined the winner.

All participants of the event noted the unusual approach to the lesson and its great cognitive and practical value.

- The lesson was conducted methodically competently, very informative introductory word, active use of photo and video materials. In addition, such classes are necessary for the formation of leadership qualities in the younger generation. Students took an active part in the lesson. I believe that the objectives of the lesson have been achieved. I want to express my gratitude to the executives and staff of the Library of Elbassy for close cooperation and hope for further fruitful collaboration, - said Rystygul Zhantemirova, a teacher of history of Kazakhstan at school-gymnasium No. 83.



Ulzhan Sabyrbekova, 10th-grade student:

- I really liked this lesson. All students should participate in such activities as often as possible. It is both informative and interesting. For example, you can give such a lesson to students from other schools. Such a lesson can be taught in our school in parallel forms. Today at the lesson, very original, interesting ideas were offered.

Gulnaz Tulegenova, 10th-grade student:

- I believe that such lessons should be given as often as possible. They allow us to see new ways of solving the problems of Kazakhstan's youth, to take a completely different look at the role of young people in the future of our society, to actively offer new and unusual ideas. Everyone was very active in the discussion. Some of the ideas expressed in the lesson can be implemented in our school. It was very interesting!