The Museum of the Library of Elbassy held a lesson-tour "Electoral system in the Republic of Kazakhstan" for students of the capital's school-gymnasium No. 75. The lesson was held in a historical place - the Mazhilis Hall, which was intended for holding meetings with the government of the country, heads of structural divisions of the Presidential Administration, when it was the first Residence of Elbassy in the new capital. The exposition "Republic of Kazakhstan: formation of the state and definition of the strategy of development" presented in the Conference Hall, allowed the attendees to plunge into the atmosphere of the election campaign.

During the lesson, students learned about the features of the electoral system of Kazakhstan, the programs of the country's leading political parties, and the history of the formation of the national party system. The main attention was paid to the most important political event for any state - the Presidential election.


The practical part of the lesson was held in the form of the game "Elections to maslikhat". Children chose candidates for local representative bodies and gave reasons for their choice. They showed deep knowledge, excellent oratorical skills, tried to present their vision and understanding of current problems of modern Kazakhstan society. Many of the participants are winners of various Olympiads and applicants for the sign "Altyn Belgi".

- I liked the lesson because we, as future voters, learned the peculiarities of the electoral system of our state. Using concrete examples, we fully realized the need for elections in the life of every person, we talked a lot about the qualities that people's deputies should have and the tasks that they face, shared her opinion Alida Akhmetova, a student of the 11th "A" grade of the school No. 75.

- A person always has a choice in different areas. Throughout our adult lives, we will face choices when making critical decisions. I think that the presidential election is the most important event in the political life of the whole country. The further development and prosperity of the entire nation depend on it," said Adil Meirambayuly, a student of the 11th "A" grade of the school No. 75.