On December 4, the Library of Elbassy hosted the ceremony of awarding the winners of the city contest of pedagogical skills for the best Museum lesson "Tugan Zher-tungan Tarikh".

The competition, announced by the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Elbassy, the Professional Union of education workers "Adilet" in Nur-Sultan and Center for Development of endowments and psychological support "Astana daryny" at the beginning of the academic year was held to support talented teachers, identify advanced technologies in the field of museum pedagogy, exchange innovative experience in the development of modern museum-pedagogical approaches and technologies in the museum educational space, help colleagues in the integration of education and culture, popularize the museum fund, promote the life, public and state activities of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and reveal his historical role in the formation and development of sovereign Kazakhstan.


About 100 applications were submitted for participation in the competition. In the course of open lessons and out-of-school activities, history teachers and teachers of social sciences of the capital's schools and colleges, methodologists of preschool educational institutions revealed the modern history of Kazakhstan through the prism of the First President, using the materials of the museum collections of the Library of Elbassy.

         Deputy Director of the Library of Elbassy Botagoz Kaipova, Director of the Institute of History of the State of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan Burkit Ayagan, Chairman of the Public Association "Education Union "Adilet" of Nur-Sultan Batyr Aliyev, Center for Development of endowments and psychological support "Astana daryny" Mayra Kurmanbayeva attended the ceremony of honoring the winners of the pedagogical competition.

- On the eve of the national holiday - Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan, we summarize the results of the competition for the best museum lesson "Týǵan jer – tunǵan tarıh". The teaching profession is very ancient. The teacher forms the future of society, the future of its science and culture. The contribution of the teacher is huge, because it is not only a source of knowledge for the student but also forms the consciousness of future generations. The teacher also becomes a moral authority. Modern Kazakh teachers should be focused not only on education but also on patriotic education, the formation of worldview, citizenship, patriotism and love for the motherland. I am happy to note that during this competition we found a large number of such teachers, talented, and inspired, said Botagoz Kaipova, opening the event.

- Events held to support talented teachers are very important. A very important issue today is the knowledge and the study of our history, including contemporary one. I support the idea of a broad explanation and popularization of the Initiatives and Addresses of our First President Nursultan Nazarbayev. I think it is necessary to put into practice such lessons in all schools, - Burkit Ayagan shared his opinion.

The winner of the Grand Prix and a cash prize of 50 thousand tenge were teachers of the school-gymnasium No. 77 Guldana Shapieva and Nigmet Altaibek. The first place and 40 thousand tenge received Aigiz Turganbayeva and Nurlan Suyesinov - teachers of Nazarbayev Intellectual school of physics and mathematics in Nur-Sultan. The second place was awarded to the teacher of lyceum №76 Beibitkul Sarova and Baktygali Bulgiev representing the school №67. They were awarded certificates for 30 thousand tenge. The third places were taken by Talgat Estemesov (College of transport and communications), Natalia Vazhenina and Gulbakyt Mukhanova (kindergarten No. 35 "Ertegi"), Shynar Saparkyzy and Aliyev Erbol (school No. 53). They received 20 thousand tenge. In addition, 10 thousand tenge was received by Natasha Abil (school No. 8) - for research skills; Nursultan Dosova (gymnasium No. 67) - for methodological skills, Alima Orazalieva (school No. 74) - for erudition of students.


- I am very glad that we won the competition for the best museum lesson. This project, initiated by the Library of Elbassy, gave an opportunity not only to teachers to improve their professional skills but also helped students to expand their knowledge, improve communication skills. Therefore, the capital's teachers are always happy to participate in the annual competitions of the pedagogical skills of the Library of Elbassy.

We taught a lesson "Uly Dala murasy men Elіmіzdіń Tuńǵysh Prezıdentі N.Á. Nazarbaevtyń halyqqa joldaýlarynyń sabaqtastyǵy" for pupils of 7, 9, 11 grades and were amazed at their ability to analyze, teamwork and passion to the study of history. I also want to congratulate other teachers-winners of this competition, said Guldana Shapieva, a history teacher of the school No. 77.