To be unique in your profession, to be unlike anyone else. Bibigul Kulaman, curator of the third season of the project "100 new personalities of Kazakhstan", calls for this. The number of the project participants is growing every year. In 2019, a record number of people submitted applications - more than two thousand. The finalists have been 32 Kazakhstanis. The winners of all seasons of the project are regular participants of the seminars "The way to the future begins with everyone" of the Library of Elbassy. Successful Kazakhstanis conduct training sessions for students coming from all over Kazakhstan. Materials about the finalists of the project "100 new personalities of Kazakhstan" are published on the Library's website under the heading "Uly Dala tarlandary".

With the number of participants in the project "100 new personalities of Kazakhstan", the activity of the population is growing. For example, in the second season, the maximum number of votes for one person was more than 16 thousand - for Larion Liang. In the third season, twice as much - more than 35 thousand votes were cast for Azat Sembinov. As Bibigul Kulaman says, the project organizers simply did not expect such activity:

"This shows that the people are not indifferent to the project "100 new personalities of Kazakhstan", that this is an actual and very popular initiative of Elbassy today. The project has become a reflection of a new generation of Kazakhstanis - modern, active, creative and effective people. This is evidenced by the fact that tens of thousands of votes were received not by the very few, but by 25 finalists. And all of them are not just people who have achieved success in their country, they have managed to make themselves known at the international level. For example, Aigerim Erekesheva, a representative of the Almaty region, won in the "Business" category. Aigerim is a member of the New York City Bar Association, where, by the way, she opened an office for her company in December. Today, it works with businessmen of Asia, Europe and the United States, attracting them as investors in various sectors of Kazakhstan. Or, another example, Aldiyar Zhumazhan, a producer of mobile games, one of which under his leadership entered the Top 5 in the number of downloads on the Internet. Aldiyar lives in China and is a top manager of a large IT corporation. Now he is developing the world's first mobile 3D game about ancient Kazakhstan. Thus, he wants to reveal the Kazakh culture and our history to the whole world, as well as attract capital to the country and contribute to the development of the domestic market of information technologies."

The goal of the project "100 new personalities of Kazakhstan" is to promote the ideas of success, competitiveness, pragmatism and the cult of knowledge based on examples of specific stories of Kazakhstanis. The finalists themselves by participating in this project were given a driving force effect, inspiring them to even greater growth and achievements. Asan Zholdasov is a finalist of the second season. At the time of the final in 2018, he had a private school where he taught students mathematics. After participating in the project, Asan says, he felt responsible to expand the coverage of children throughout the country. Today, he has opened ten schools in Kazakhstan. Moreover, his students win major Olympiads. And some of them are already students of the world's leading universities.

"Our project has no analogues yet. This is the brainchild of Elbassy, which has found such a great response among Kazakhstanis. We are very happy that the project is growing and there is a collaboration between the finalists themselves. Aizhan Zhuzbay and Imanbek Zeykenov are participants of the third season. She is a fashion designer, he is a musician, a creator of popular remixes, and together they have conceived an interesting project that I hope we will see soon. Asel Baimukanova is the most amazing ecologist I have ever met. Asel, along with his father, can live for months in the steppe, studying and protecting the delicate balance of ecology. Her mission is to save the seals. Sometimes she has to stand motionless for hours in the water, watching the animals, filming them. She just forgets about herself, completely devoting herself to her profession. This is a unique quality, a rare dedication. Every year there are more and more such interesting and unique people in our project", - emphasizes Bibigul Kulaman.