The Library of Elbassy prepares for publication collections of research and development. Today during the meeting of the Academic Council, chaired by the Director of the Library, doctor of political sciences, Professor A. Rakhimzhanov a few scientific papers have been reviewed. Among them, "The Role of N.Nazarbayev in global processes of nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament", which was prepared in the framework of the research project "Kazakhstan at present stage" of the scientific program "The First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbassy N. Nazarbayev: strategy of state administration and the phenomenon of leadership." 

The publication reveals the constructive contribution of Kazakhstan to the strengthening of global nuclear security through the prism of initiatives of Elbassy N.Nazarbayev to establish a nuclear-weapon-free zone. As Amerkhan Rakhimzhanov noted, the value of the collection is that it is based on documents from the archive of Elbassy with his personal notes:

"The research work of the Library is a deep research that constantly reveals new interesting facts worthy of fresh reader's perception. All materials from the collections of the Elbassy Library are of historical value, they are fully reflected in the collections, the purpose of which is the disclosure of the large-scale activities of the First President".

Deputy Director of the Library, candidate of historical sciences Kulyaisha Aktayeva noted: "The unique character of our institution is not that we are engaged in some abstract or completely academic research, we make full use of the wealth of our fund collections. The richest fund materials of the Library are now in a good field of vision, volumes are being created and not only documentary, but also clothing exhibit items are being put into circulation. And this is always of great interest".

The scientific and fund collection "Youth – the future of the country" provides information that reflects the main directions and stages of the formation of youth and educational policy. Each exhibit of the museum collection of the Library is a clear evidence of the recent history of independent Kazakhstan. It includes exhibits from collections of precious metals, stones, numismatics, souvenirs, soft equipment, fine arts as well as material culture.

The collection presents a complete methodological development with the presentation of materials on the organization of a thematic exhibition devoted to youth policy in Kazakhstan. The authors of the collection give not just a brief museum information on the exhibits of the collection, they offer options for the use of these materials for the formation of exhibitions.

Members of the Academic Council expressed constructive views and considered all the issues on the agenda