The fourth season of the training seminar “Way to the future begins with everyone” of the Library of Elbassy, was launched in February 2019. The new curricula were based on the President's address 2018 “New opportunities under the fourth industrial revolution”, “Growing welfare of Kazakh citizens: increase in income and quality of life,” article “Rukhani Zhangyru” and “Seven faces of the Great steppe”, and the book of the Elbassy “Era of Independence”.

During the two days of training, students receive a large amount of information in lectures, participate in groups for the development of social projects, conduct team games, and share opinions during discussions. Today, employees of the economic investigation service of Almaty were the seminar participants.


“I'm the same age as an Independence. I was born on this day December 16, 1991. Here, in the Library and Museum of the Elbassy, I actually saw and touched the history and my life too. Every milestone in the formation of Kazakhstan, every step that was given quite difficult – all this was strengthened as well as a child who just learned to walk. I have never seen or heard what the lecturers and coaches of the Elbassy Library show and tell. Honestly, during these two days I got a very huge impression”, – said the operative of the Department of economic investigations in Almaty Almas Kurmanbek.


Samat Sabetbek works as an investigator of the Department of economic investigations in Almaty. His daily task is to counteract the “shadow” economy, the investigation of offenses in the financial sphere. The young man confides that studying at the Nazarbayev centre gives food for deep reflection on the development of the country, the huge potential of the state seeking to enter the TOP 30 countries of the world.

“The tasks set by the Elbassy are based on love for the Homeland. To realize it you have to be a true patriot of our land. For some reason, this word is often perceived as something pathetic, but it seems to me that right now, when our country is going through a new stage in its development, the education of patriotism should be given the highest priority. Moreover, starting with the kids. Through the mother tongue, with its more active promotion not only in kindergartens, but also around the world,” S. Sabetbek shares his opinion. 

Since the beginning of this year, the Library of the Elbassy held 13 training seminars “Way to the future begins with everyone”, where more than 600 people were trained. 

These are students of colleges, Kazakhstan universities, military, prosecutors and civil servants. 

At the end of each seminar, all students receive personal certificates and memorable books – works about the life and work of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbassy.