On February 12, 2019 at 4 p.m. the opening ceremony of cultural and exhibition events’ cycle  of the Library of Elbassy « Youthfulness of the Great steppe»,  devoted to Year of Youth will take place in the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbassy.

          Program includes:

 opening of thematic complex exhibition of the same name from the archival, museum and book collections of the Library of Elbassy. This exhibition’s materials cover the main areas of the realization of the potential of modern youth in Kazakhstan: system of education and science, public organizations, culture, sports. The history of the development of state policy was directly reflected in the achievements of the younger generation of Kazakhstanis. During the years of independence, a new cultural type of socially active citizens with new benchmarks has been formed, values for achieving success, and rational economic behavior.

       Not by chance, Elbassy N.A. Nazarbayev declared 2019 as the Year of Youth, saying at the same time: «I am sure that the younger generation will justify our trust and will be able to bring Kazakhstan among the 30 best countries on the planet». A special place among the materials of the exhibition will take a section dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the state program «Bolashak».

opening of the exhibition of works of contemporary art of Kazakhstan. The exhibition will allow getting acquianted with the modern trends in the development of the fine arts of Kazakhstan and will become a platform for announcing a creative competition.

announcement of a creative competition among artists, sculptors, masters of decorative and applied art and art historians of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the best works of art in two thematic areas: «Uly dala Uly esymdery» (Persons of the Great Steppe); «Modern youth of Kazakhstan through the eyes of artists».

             The competition is aimed at implementation of the creative ideas of Elbassy stated in article «Seven Sides of the Great Steppe». In particular, the competition will become the beginning of formation of «relevant gallery of images of great persons of the past» by means of the classical fine arts and creative potential of alternative youth art.

             The results of a competition will be summed up in two stages: the first part – in June, the second – in December, 2019. According to the results of the competition, exhibitions of the best works will be organized, a ceremony of awarding the winners will be held and a catalog of competitive works will be published.

The competition and the exhibition are organized jointly with the «Union of Artists of Astana».

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