May 6 the Library of the Elbassy held an event "No one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten", dedicated to the celebration of Victory Day.

Students of the Republican school «Zhas Ulan» named after General S. Nurmagambetov and students of the capital’s colleges, researchers of the great Patriotic war history, attended the event.

Opening the meeting, Deputy Director of the Elbassy Library, candidate of historical Sciences Botagoz Kaipova noted:

"In one of his speeches, the President said: "Tribute to the feat of veterans of the great Patriotic war should be commensurate with their heroism. The victory was achieved because of unity, brotherhood and friendship of all people living in the country. It is with this slogan that we live now. "There are many young people, the «Zhas Ulan» pupils at the meeting today. And it is very important for us to preserve and transmit this memory to the new generation in the name of those who paved the way to today's pure blue sky, to independence."

Director of the Institute of history and Ethnology named after Ch. Valikhanov, doctor of historical Sciences, Professor Ziyabek Kabuldinov stressed the courage and bravery of the fighters who left our Republic. 

"Kazakhstanis fought bravely on the battlefields; more than 500 of them became Heroes of the Soviet Union. Thousands of Kazakhstanis died brave in the battles near Kursk, liberating Ukraine, Belarus and Western Europe. This is the great heroism of our fathers and grandfathers, which we must always remember," Z. Кabuldinov said.

More than 10 years doctor of PhD, senior lecturer of S. Toraighyrov Pavlodar state University Aslan Azerbayev, engaged in teaching activities. In order to interest students to study history as a subject, he connected to the theory of watching extra-curricular feature films on different historical epochs.  

"It makes students look for reality and fiction in the film. And they are already turning to archival data, to textbooks, memories, to various sources. Together, cinema and science make people more educated," Azerbayev concluded.

Ulan Erdessov, a graduate of the "Zhas Ulan" Republican school, shared his impressions on the meeting:

"We don't know much about that war. The books will not be able to describe the truth and all the horror that the veterans experienced. Today there are only a few veterans among us. We owe them and those who did not return from the war." 

The event included a screening of excerpts from feature films about the great Patriotic war: «Panther triple jump ", "They fought for the Motherland", "GU-GA", "28 Panfilov’s men". Scientists and youth representatives held a discussion. They talked the victory historical significance of the Soviet people in the great Patriotic war and the contribution of Kazakhstanis to it, as well as the role of feature films about the war and the soldier’s valor for moral education of the new generation.